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10 Great ways to make a small bedroom look bigger

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The floor size in today's home is becoming smaller. That is why many times we do not have additional space that we would like for our bedroom. But do not worry, we at Homify have the perfect solution for you. As always we want to inspire you through these ten decoration ideas so that you take all possible actions to make your small bedroom look fabulous. We know that sometimes it can be very costly for you to organize your home the way you like. But there is always a middle solution that will allow you to decorate the space as per your preference. We hope that after reading this ideabook on how to optimize space in a bedroom, you will be able to do just the same.

1. Use mirrors

Mirrors are not only a decorative element that serves to see how one looks. Rather it is an element that can add a lot to the aesthetics of our bedroom. Renovating the cabinet doors, using mirrors will make our bedroom acquire, more visual depth immediately.

1.1. They are beautiful

Depending on how you put the mirrors in a bedroom you will achieve one style or another. However, they will always add elegance, functionality, beauty, and depth to the area. If you have a small bedroom then adding mirrors should be a real lifesaver for you.

2. Furniture for everything

It is clear that the bedroom is a space which needs more elements than others. We need things like the closet, bed, and even a couple of bedside tables. If we are talking about a teenager's bedroom, then the necessity of space is multiplied instantly. Keep in mind that kids need more room for the desk, books, and even for the gaming consoles. Bet by using furniture that brings together everything you create a harmonious space. You will make everything tidy, concentrated, and the bedroom will be a much more comfortable and functional place.

2.1. Matching furniture

A good way to create harmony within your room is by choosing the same material for the closet as for the base of the bed. It can also match your work desk. It will help welcome aesthetic and homogeneity.

3. Good lighting

Proper artificial lighting, in your bedroom, is crucial to make it look bight. You can distribute it all across the room including your bed's headboard.

3.1. Mostly natural

Not everyone is lucky enough to live in an exterior house, which has enough natural light. But if your bedroom has windows facing the street let the light flow unobstructed. Apart from having a much more cheerful bedroom, you will also have a space that will look much bigger and more beautiful.

4. Multi-functional furniture

Before we talk about furniture that only has a lot of storage. We must also think about the ones that have several functions. For example, a furniture piece that has both a bed and a desk or brackets that have two beds and drawers.

4.1. Multi-functional and pretty

Look at this beautiful bedroom. With the use of multifunctional furniture in just a few square meters, the designer has achieved a space which is very welcoming. We also see how they have added a mirror to the room.

5. Take advantage space

Every free space in your bedroom is important. For optimizing space in a small bedroom you should not miss even an iota of floor area. That is why if you have space under the bed, then it is the time to take advantage of the area. You can either put suitcases full of clothes or the shoes that you are going to put on the next day.

6. Smaller furniture

It is not always necessary to have a double bed if we live alone. For optimizing space in small rooms you can opt for a single bed instead. Also, if you choose a model with a canopy, you will be able to use the space to its fullest. In addition, you can also add creative furniture pieces like a table with a hole underneath, along two hidden fabric stools.

7. Colour white

The colour white will always be your best ally for any small space. The dark colours detract from the potential of your bedroom.  Whereas, white colour reflects the light and makes your room look much wider.

8. Beds that disappear

If your bedroom is used for other activities throughout the day, then one of the best options is to install a concealed or folding bed. This way you will be able to pull down the bed when you need it, thus, being able to use the room for other things during the rest of the day. It's a great alternative for the kid's room.

9. Fair and necessary

We can not bother to fill our bedroom with furniture especially when we do not have enough space. Although, some things are fundamental like the bed, cupboard, and even a couple of bedside tables. With just those three elements and some decorative details, we can get a stylish bedroom.

10. Bedrooms like parlors

The furniture that we see in the image is a folding bed. But to be able to take advantage of the room the rest of the time, a sofa with wheels has been placed. This alternative is ideal for the guest chambers.

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