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17 Amazing pool designs for small patios and gardens

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When we think of having a pool we imagine a large garden where it could be built. However, it is not necessary to have so much space to be able to enjoy a pool. In this ideabook, we are going to show you 17 pool designs for small yards or gardens so that you can get inspired. If you use your creativity and resources well, you will be able to create a pool as good as the ones you see below.

1. Why is it good to have a pool?

Swimming pools are one of the elements that receive the most attention. That is why it is a significant space which needs to adapt to various temperatures. Even though if you have a small space creating inground pools can help you beat the heat. Also, a pool serves as a decorative feature and can offer us indoor exercise possibilities like swimming or aqua-gymming. In addition, a pool always revalues the price of our house.

2. The design

Whenever you decide to build a pool in your garden, the first thing is to finalize the design. It should always be in harmony with the rest of the space and the house. Also, you can always rely on plants and furniture to create a cozy setting. In this image, one can see the use of round stones for the walkway and chairs which creates symmetry with the rest of the space.

3. Shadows outside

One should take a good look at the location before deciding to build small inground pools. It is essential that the pool has a right orientation. Whenever possible, you should avoid spaces that are in shadow. Although, the last decision is of the owner. But we think it advisable to avoid shadows that can be produced nearby buildings or trees.

4. Spaces without recharging

If you do not have a lot of space, it is essential to add fewer objects. This way you will be able to make the most of your small courtyard pools.

5. Simplicity to power

As we know, there are pools of many shapes, materials, and styles. Although, the most typical ones are either rectangular or circular and they never go out of style.

6. A pool on the terrace

The idea of having a swimming pool at home is perfect. But in case you have children at home then you need to take precautions. It is important that the floor surrounding the pool is made of a non-slip material to prevent kids from falling. You should also think about the depth of the small pools for terraces.

7. Inside or outside

The other thing to consider is whether you want to place the pool indoors or outdoors. In both cases, there are advantages and disadvantages. In this photograph, we see an incredible example of an indoor pool where you can enjoy regardless of the current temperature.

8. Swimming in the heights

If your pool is located on the roof, then you have to protect the perimeter of the building with a fence. It is essential that you seek the opinion of an expert about the legal height.

9. Materials

There are many materials available for building a swimming pool. The material that is currently used less is wood. However, it gives a warm touch to the environment that everyone love.

10. Plants

To decorate a pool well you cannot forget using plants. There are many types of plants available which means you must choose the one that suits your region and preference.

11. Lighting

Thanks to the various light fixtures you can create different ambiance according to the mood you are experiencing. It also allows you to enjoy baths at night.

12. Depth

To decide the depth of the pool one must think about its usage. Also, you need to reflect on how much space you have and your budget. If you want to use, the pool just to relax, then you can opt for something smaller as well.

13. Modern designs

Regardless of the size, any design that you use will give a dramatic flair to your small pool. It is good to continue with the style of the house so that it creates harmony.

14. Adapted to the patio

This pool adapts fantastically to the shape of the terrain. It is another good example of how with an experienced architect you can get great results.

15. Improve with small details

In this design, we liked the stone blocks that allow access to the pool. It gives the impression of walking on water. Also, it is a fantastic support for head jumps.

16. A different pool

This pool never fails to surprised visitors because of its transparent design. Even with its small size, the pool is perfect to relax and enjoy the hot summer days.

17. A warm pool

Finally, we show you a pool that is perfect to enjoy both alone as well as with your partner. The thing that makes this pool special is its heating system that helps keep the water at a right temperature.

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