6 Ways to incorporate a washer in your small bathroom

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Most homes today do not have a laundry room. That is why you need to find alternate areas to incorporate the machine. However, it is very unusual to have a washing machine in the kitchen, patio or terrace, making these spaces out of consideration. The only solution left is to install the washing machine in your bathroom. But sometimes there is just not enough room available. One can also place them in the kitchen as it blends easily with other appliances and becomes unnoticeable. In fact, 48% of Spanish households have their washing machine in the kitchen itself. 

On the other hand, if you decide to install it in your bathroom, then you must pay special attention at the time of interior decoration. By doing so, you will be able to integrate the washer with the rest of the elements. Also, it won't look like a discordant note. Today, in this ideabook, it's all about teaching how to incorporate a washer in a small bathroom, where lack of space can be an obstacle. All the designs result in a practical and useful area without leaving the aesthetics aside.

1. Remove accessories

If you do not have a lot of space in your bathroom and are looking to place the washing machine within the area, then there is no choice rather than simplify the existing decor. Removing the furniture or storage accessories and using the free space to place your washing machine in the bathroom is something that you can try. You also need to take into account the water intakes, and evacuations of the toilet. This simple tip will give you an excellent result.

2. Under the sink

Another good solution is to take advantage of openings that do not break into the rest of the bathroom. Spaces such as under the sink are ideal for placing a washing machine. Also, if you want to disguise the presence of the washer, you can put a small curtain that covers that appliance. Therefore, making it look discreet. Washing under the sink is also more convenient than you may think.

3. Put a door

Many appliances have the possibility of being embedded by panels or doors. It can help you create a harmonious design. In the case of bathrooms with washing machine, if you seek to make it a matter of discretion while designing, then you can opt for this solution. These panels or doors can also be made to match the rest of the furniture. It is recommended that it should not be otherwise.

4. Other decorations

Once you have decided the location to place the washing machine in your small bathroom, you can then choose a model that complements the rest of the elements. It should match the sanitaryware and be in contrast to the furniture or storage space. This tip will allow it gains equilibrium and harmony. By doing so, you will also be able to make everything look like a personalized set.

5. The right measures

It is essential to take proper measurements of the available space so that you can choose a washing machine that fits perfectly into the area. It is even more functional if in addition to the washing machine there is also room for a dryer. In many cases, the dryer is usually put on top of the washing machine to save space. But why not contemplate the possibility that they may be placed side by side.

6. A suitable colour

It is said colloquially, sometimes, individual solutions look wired. If you choose a washing machine that does not match the style of the bathroom, it will undoubtedly be noticed. Therefore, you will face one of those squeaky cases in which a note of colour breaks the harmony of the whole room. That is why it is best to choose a neutral tone while designing the space. However, there is not a lot of variety available so you should select something that complements the rest of the bathroom.

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