24 Designs of fences and walls for your house

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Protection is the main feature that walls and fences give. However, in addition to providing security, these structures are also a part of the composition that gives an identity to the facade. Therefore, the design must be carefully selected so that it adds value to the home and makes it look beautiful. 

In this ideabook, we have put together a series of proposals that will surely inspire you. From very simple walls with just a coat of paint to the traditional fences that display authentic works of art made of wood. Here you will find 24 different types of fences that are evergreen.

1. Wood painted white

This option adds style, harmony, and elegance to the garden. The addition of steel as part of the pergola also creates a pleasant atmosphere.

2. Natural wood

Simple and low cost, it is a perfect choice for houses and gardens of different sizes. Remember that it must have a layer of waterproofing and a proper treatment against termites so that the quality of natural wood does not spoil.

3. Natural fence

A fence made of logs or wooden boards is a simple option for rustic houses. The artisan aspect offers simplicity and lightness along with protection of the home.

4. Simple fence

This design is an excellent structure to ensure safety in homes with children and pets, especially when you want to keep them away from the pool. It protects you with a specific lightness and a modern touch.

5. Wall with textures

The walls with textured finish are precious. In addition to protecting, they give a great personality to the house as well. They provide a unique elegance both inside and outside the patio.

6. Stone Wall

A typical stone wall is also an excellent option if you want to give a feeling of robustness and protection to the environment of your house.

7. Stand for vertical garden

In addition to protecting, the wooden fences are excellent for cultivating the beauty of a vertical garden in the backyard. These are simple types of fences for a villa which are also the most colourful.

8. Concrete and wood

In this project, we see a concrete base with anchorage to the wooden fence, where small pots decorate the space.

9. Around a Zen garden

A zen garden is perfect for relaxing and meditating. In this example, the stone wall was ideal to create more intimacy and naturalness in the environment.

10. Rustic protection

This garden with a colourful and creative design achieves a warm personality by incorporated the stone wall. The wooden deck on this small terrace creates a perfect environment to enjoy.

11. Art work with wood

In addition to traditional walls and fences, you can find artistic finishes for the doors of your home. In this image, the incredible work in wood seems an authentic work of art. Perfect for all those who want to go a step further.

12. Wood with personality

This project has a series of wooden structures that combine and create total privacy. In this backyard, the slight visual contrast keeps away the curiosity of passers-bys. It is the perfect design for creating exterior walls of chalets.

13. Iron wall

This layout is another great example of protection and lightness. The wall with iron bars in black has given an excellent result. It combines elegance, minimalism, and sophistication.

14. Bamboo

The bamboos are robust, light and perfect for the protecting the space. In this example, the backyard looked brighter and more beautiful with the choice of this material.

15. Creativity of PVC

PVC is a light and durable material. Although, the cost is higher with regards to the natural elements. However, its choice allows a vast possibility of designs to protect the patio.

16. Geometric composition

In this other beautiful PVC design, the geometric composition brings a creative and stylish look to the protecting element around this garden.

17. Small and flirtatious

If the idea is to incorporate a more aesthetic design, than having a safe home, then small wooden fences are also good options. With them, the house is more comfortable and is more connected with the exterior.

18. Combination with red bricks

The combination of a fence with a brick wall can bring simplicity and rustic appearance to the house. This design showcases a fence on fence layout.

19. Wood and concrete wall

In this project, the durability of concrete was combined with the lightness and beauty of the wood. A great option to bring sophistication and discretion to the patio.

20. Curved blocks

In this creative design, the curved structure of the white painted walls for the garden look even more interesting.

21. Concrete and bamboo

For those who want to use more than one element to complement the enclosure, this design with bamboos, shrubs and steel plaques is excellent.

22. Painted wall

If the idea is to protect, but not give up creativity, concrete walls painted with vibrant colours are a great idea.

23. Red bricks and varnished wood

In this particularly elegant proposal, the patio was protected by a massive red brick wall on one side. Whereas on the other by wood. In fact, the warm tone of the varnished wood achieves a precious result.

24. Stainless steel

Finally, this option combines concrete stones and steel plates. The difference in the tones of the structure creates a very modern visual composition.

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