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10 Beautiful rustic kitchen designs

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There are no comparisons between modern and rustic kitchens. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages as well as loyal followers or harsh detractors. In this ideabook, we have set aside a few minimalistic designs of modern kitchens which can prove to be the dream layouts for many. Here we showcase ten kitchens that collect the rustic charms of yesteryear's but with a modern twist. These combinations are both creative and difficult to resist.

1. Vintage style

Oak is arguably the most popular type of wood when it comes to building rustic kitchens. However, walnut, beech, and mahogany are also used in some cases. But for those who are tired of wood, the other great option is to use laminate. It will allow you to get different textures and tones. Also, an original touch without losing the elegance and warmth of the wood. In this kitchen the beams of natural wood contrast with the finish of the furniture. Here the colour used is pearl gray, which blends perfectly with the tiles or garnets on the floor and walls. On the other hand, you can also see some industrial elements such as the metal lamps.

2. The traditional

But if you are never tired of classic designs, then here is a more traditional and sober solution. The dark colour of the wood produces a warm and homely feeling that invites you to spend the afternoon. However, to contrast the visual impact of wood, tiles of neutral colours have been placed. That is why the kitchen does not look overwhelming. At the same time, it maintains the warmth of the wood. The blue oven door is a fixture highlight that you cannot unsee. The combination of cream tones and dark wood create a beautiful balance that would have looked bland if not for the colour. The finishing touch, however, is provided by the light coloured counter-top and the dark tone tiles.

3. A touch of provence

One can not deny that this is a typical rural style kitchen. On the one hand, the room shows us its wooden beams and a magnificent stone floor. But one the other, the furniture has been designed with care by mixing materials such as brick and wood. The use of olive green colour gives it a slight modern touch where beige is predominant. The cooking island is painted cream and has high drawers to make it stand out. The use of wooden shutters increases the rustic flair of the space along with other small decorative details like paintings, plants, and basketry.

4. Modernizing the classics

An old demolished barn is the starting point of this modern rustic kitchen. The wood that has been used in these solid kitchen fixtures is made mainly of the materials salvaged from the barn. It is a sustainable and ecological design that starts from with old elements to create a practical, functional, and modern kitchen. It reinvents the rustic kitchen with a model that departs from the past without making your future complex.

5. Space sends

Sometimes the style of our kitchen marks the space itself. Here the imposing wooden beams, the plastered walls and the height of the ceiling oblige us to propose a rustic style room. One can also make some changes to personalize this rustic style design. In this photograph, you can see that a beige tone has replaced the original colour. That is why on one side it gives a specific modern look while on the other a spectacular wooden ceiling.

6. Attention to details

A rustic style has the charm of old things along with fresh country air. That is why even if you choose modern designs for the kitchen you can still give it a rustic touch with small details. The same thing is achieved in this kitchen with two levels by using flowers and vines. The wicker baskets and wooden beams also give it a rural air which reminds us of the summer holidays spent at our grandparent's house.

7. Rustic and industrial

A kitchen can be both rustic and industrial, which you can see in this photograph. The kitchen that you see in this image takes the best of the industrial style and mixes it with the most striking elements of rustic designs. An imposing trunk becomes a wild countertop that takes us through a dream or fantasy world. On the other hand, the wooden worktop is combined with a concrete surface in which the sink and the stove are located. It is a combination that will not leave anything indifferent.

8. Paint the walls

Although, one is used to cladding the kitchen walls with tiles because cleaning them is simple. However, a very original option may be to use paint. The current plastic paints allow a comfortable maintenance, besides giving a more casual and colourful touch to any kitchen including the rustic ones. This example showcases mustard walls which blend perfectly with original furniture pieces of worn-out wood.

9. A colour coating

In this kitchen, the furniture is made of light wood and has been combined with green appliances which allow it to match the tiles and create an extraordinary atmosphere. If you like kitchens with a subtle rustic style without them being overwhelming, then we recommend this colour combination. Also, for creating perfect modern rustic kitchens, you can choose rectangular tiles instead of square ones. If you select white tiles, you will get some extra brightness and shine on the walls of your kitchen.

10. A rustic and authentic look

This kitchen is somewhat more rudimentary than the others. In its design, a white cloth takes care of hiding the objects stored on the shelves whereas the green colour highlights the walls. If you are a faithful follower of authentic rustic styles, then this is your kitchen. It is also a useful design for those who do not want to spend a lot on reforming their kitchen. Also, this room does not contain glitzy furniture. For example, the area under the window has a simple wooden surface which houses the sink and the workstation.

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