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The ultimate guide to clean a house in three hours

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We all know that cleaning a complete house can sometimes take a whole day or even two. It mainly depends on the size of our place. That is why in this ideabook we offer you eight tips that suggest how to clean the house in a short period. These come in handy especially when you are expecting guests or visitors. Most of us rarely have a clean and organized home, given our modern lifestyle. We work all day and do not always have the time or patience to put things back into their places. But with our suggestions for quick and dynamic cleaning, you will be able to maintain your house thoroughly. It will answer all your questions about how to clean a very dirty house quickly.

1. Prepare in 10 minutes

If you are wondering about how to clean a house  properly then you have to start by shaking off the laziness and leaving the sofa. When one lacks time, all distractions are dangerous. We suggest that you take all the materials that you would require to clean before you start. This way you will not have to interrupt your work continuously. Garbage bags, cleaning products, broom, mop, vacuum cleaner, bucket, are some of the essentials. Also, if you are an organized person, you can even make a to-do list, so you do not forget anything. This will give you an idea regarding where to start to clean a house.

2. Sweeping in 35 minutes

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Things being out of their place causes the greatest feeling of disorder. That is why finding the answer for how to start to clean a house is a must. The first step is to collect and store all objects scattered throughout the house. Start by cleaning the cupboard, put dirty dishes in the washer, arrange the chairs, fluff the pillows or cushions and hang the towels in your bathroom. These are the little things that make a significant difference. Later you can sweep the space and get rid of all the waste.

3. Organize in 30 minutes

You can also use a vacuum cleaner to fix your living room. It makes it easy to clean underneath the sofas and around the corners. Do not vacuum large objects, as they can damage your machine. Instead, use a rag to wipe such surfaces and make them shine. Finally, you have to scrub the floor making sure that the detergent you are using is suitable for the material that covers the ground of your home. Although it seems obvious, some people still damage their floor because it is too sloppy.

4. Clean the kitchen in 40 minutes

The kitchen is where you'll probably find enormous work. Food and oil stains can be the primary cause of your headaches. It is not always easy to remove them, especially when they are in tight spaces like between appliances. Therefore, you must prepare a solution of water with a degreasing product for cleaning such areas. Alcohol can also be a good choice for cleaning appliances. You may also use a multi-purpose detergent to clean the hood. Remember to leave the sink for the last, since you will need it during the cleaning process. Finally, sweep the floor and wipe it with a damp cloth or a mop.

5. Arrange the room in 30 minutes

Remove all the things scattered on your bed and store them quickly in the drawer or cupboard. Then change the sheets and pillowcases. Once done vacuum the floor covering all corners of the room. For window panes, either use store bought sprays or a cloth moistened with alcohol. In case you have decorative carpets then vacuum them quickly. Open the window to let the floor dry faster. It will also leave a pleasant smell in the room.

6. Clean the bathroom in 20 minutes

In the bathroom, it is mainly a question of rubbing and scrubbing. Also, you must not forget the inside of the toilet bowl. One should choose a suitable product for the maintenance of this element so that it is always clean. Also, thoroughly clean the mirror and the sink area as they are most visible parts of the room.

7. Organize the porch in 10 minutes

Start by sweeping the space and removing the leaves. Then put water in a bucket and throw it on the floor to remove the remaining dirt. Once done, clean the tables, chairs, and outdoor cushions. Spray your plants with water to make them shine and remove the dead ones.

8. Finish in 5 minutes

Once everything is in order, give your home a final touch-up. It can be done by adding candles, air fresheners, and even incense. Using colorful flowers will also provide a feeling of cleanliness and freshness to the house. In the end, everything would be under control so that you can receive your guests.

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