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7 Amazing ways to cover your shower area

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A bathroom is one of our favorite areas in the house. We identify the space with peace, relaxation, cleansing and even with the purification of the body. Only a few things are more pleasant than standing under a stream of hot water right after you enter the home. It seems untrue that a simple element like shower can provide us with so much satisfaction daily. The details of your shower space make a huge difference in your day to day life. At Homify, we try to provide you with all the information regarding ideas for not letting the water out of the shower. Also we tell you about what to put in the shower so that no water logs the area. 

There are various options available that have both advantages as well as disadvantages. So with this ideabook, we hope that it gets easy for you to decide which material is best for your bathroom. You can also choose one that suits your tastes and needs.

1. With a glass screen

Glass screens are one of the most used elements today to cover the shower area. They are much more hygienic and clean than traditional curtains. However, they require a more extensive economic outlay than a simple curtain. Also, depending on the size of the shower and the type of screen you choose, professional help might be required for installation. 

This alternative of full glass screen seems to be one of the most elegant and sturdy that you can choose for virtually any bathroom. It is a modern detail that will allow light to pass without letting even a single drop of water to leak. By using it, you can make the area look wider and airy.

2. With a vinyl

Another option for your full or half glass shower is to place a vinyl that acts as a protector of your privacy. Many people do not opt for the glass partition as they are entirely transparent. They often look for something more intimate or private. 

A good alternative for such situations is to place a vinyl in the middle of the partition. It will allow you to keep the original cover and will also save you some money. You can also opt for this element by mere visual aesthetics since they are also a decorative element like any other.

3. With plastic screen

So far we have only referred to the existence of glass screens. But if you are wondering about how to make an economic bathroom screen then there are more options available. These other options are way more economical than glass. Also, they fulfill precisely the same function as it is the case plastic screens. You have infinite varieties to choose from both in colors and texture. They are available in transparent finishes as well as opaque.

4. Folding doors

Another fantastic option is the folding door. It can be a single panel that opens towards the shower or two doors as we see in this image. It is an option in which you will find many variants and styles. However, all of them fulfill the same function which is of closing the shower entirely so that the water does not escape. Also, they are an original, attractive, and functional alternative which will fit in any type of bathroom.

5. Curtains

If you are talking about ways of covering the area, then you cannot leave behind traditional alternatives to the shower screens like curtains. It is the cheapest option in the whole list which makes it perfect if you do not have a significant budget. It can also be great if you like retro style elements or have a rustic looking bathroom. In case you choose a design with vibrant colour than smaller showers can also be comfortably decorated. There are many models available to choose. You can even play with the textures and prints to change the image projected by your bathroom. But remember that you must wash them regularly.

6. Shower of work

If you have a sufficient budget and also enough room to spare in your large bathroom, then you must consider a shower of work. It will occupy the same area as this rustic style bathroom that we see in the image. Materials like stone, wood, bricks, and tiles can also be used. They are perfect for creating this type of showers. You can also choose them according to your tastes in the most personal way possible. Even corners of your bathroom can be beautified with these materials.

7. Completely natural

Travertine bath in Michael Bay home in Los Angeles Pietre di Rapolano BathroomBathtubs & showers Marble Beige
Pietre di Rapolano

Travertine bath in Michael Bay home in Los Angeles

Pietre di Rapolano

Lastly in the solutions for not getting the water out of the shower, we present you an option that most of us will not be able to afford. It suggests that you put absolutely nothing to cover the area of your shower. For this, you must have plenty of space and efficient materials for the floor. Also, they should be able to absorb the moisture well. In addition to this, you will need an outlet for the water so that it does not flood the bathroom. It is a truly original, beautiful, and spectacular option. By embedding it in an enclave like seen in this picture, you will be able to create something unique. It is a 100% natural and relaxing way to cover the area of your shower.

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