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6 Advantages of living on the ground floor

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The choice of what will be our ultimate home is not a trivial matter. Therefore, while deciding on a property, there are many issues that we have to analyze. It is not just about four walls; instead, it has to be our dream space which will become our haven of peace. Also, the place where we will experience good or bad moments and will always feel safe.

From the decoration to the furniture every detail counts. Also, living in an attic of an urban building is not similar to a country house surrounded by green meadows. That's why in this ideabook we want you to know the advantages and disadvantages of living on ground floor. It is considered one of the most controversial points of choosing a home. If you are planning to move, then do not miss these six points, which are in favor of ground floor homes.

1. No charges

You do not need to study physics to know that another advantage of living on the ground floor is the reduction of distances. The higher the level, the greater the distance, which is an undeniable reality. That is why if you opt to live on the ground floor you will reduce the range to your home and the space to go if you are loaded with things.

Here we do not only refer to the initial shifting part where you can use a professional company to help you with the furniture and equipment. Instead, it is more about thinking of your everyday life activities like shopping, taking luggage after a trip, or children having to climb the stairs. Although it may seem irrelevant, the truth is that if you live on a bass level, you will appreciate it when you have to face any of these situations.

2. Garden

One of the main attractions of a low floor is the possibility of having a garden area. Having a garden is an upward value especially if we take into account the current trend where a building does not require terraces or balconies for occasions. Having an outdoor space to enjoy the mild spring temperature or the summer heat with a barbecue, is a point in favor of this type of construction. 

Furniture that is chosen with taste, some pots where you can develop your passion for horticulture, a lighting suitable to delight with the most famous constellations and a few more meters to enjoy your home. These are just some of the singularities that you can locate in your garden to reinforce the decision of opting for a house to live on a first floor.

3. Goodbye to the stairs

Have you ever thought how easy it would be to access your home if you could avoid that uncomfortable stretch of stairs? That is why a floor on the ground level is the perfect solution. Although you might have to face a few rungs present around the block they can be avoided if you opt for a detached house.  Avoiding the stairs will be a luxury, especially when you think about the future. 

There is a time when your joints do not respond as they did when you were twenty years old. However, it is not necessary to wait for so long. You can begin to enjoy the pleasure of walking on level ground at this very moment. In any case, if you are a lover of the two-storey houses and their corresponding stairs, you can always find original designs for them in our ideabook.

4. No problem with the elevators

If the stairs seem tedious, then try climbing to your house without an elevator. Although, they are not usual. The fact of living on an upper floor means that the owner might have to deal with a broken lift someday or the other. In the best of cases, the elevator's 'strike' will result in an up or down walk. But there's always the chance that you'll be stuck inside for hours waiting to be rescued. If you live in a low floor will save you from this type of problem and will allow you to enjoy access to your home without any mishap.

5. Ideal for reforms

Accessibility is one of the keys to housing on the ground floor. As we have said, it is easy to access real estate, free of stairs or elevators. All this makes such type of properties the perfect setting to take out any kind of reform or move. The same happens with small-family homes in a single plan like this, the work of a Spanish firm Nua Architectures. It is an ideal example of accessibility on an individual level.

6. More thefts: true or false

The last of the issues that we are going to address before finishing with the benefits of living on a low floor has to do with security. For many, this type of housing is the primary object of robberies. But the truth is that, beyond popular belief, this statement is not based on an exact science. 

The bungalows are also not much susceptible to the attack of thieves when compared to the rest. Although, it may seem that they are more exposed. But the truth is that the security depends mostly on each owner. With an appropriate enclosure, a pet, a sound alarm or bars in the windows, you can live on a low floor comfortably.

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