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10 Spectacular one storey houses

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The constructions of houses on a single floor are not that frequent. As the land where we construct does not always have ample space. Therefore, to have a little more space, we tend to design with at least two floors which helps us gain ground to include the entire program of needs. The single-family houses must also adapt to the land where it will be built as it is often located on slopes. This type of project has the advantage of creating amazing visuals, an issue that is used by architects to give personality to their design.

In this ideabook, we will show 10 single storey houses that are well designed and executed. They will surely inspire you with their layout.

1. Stone facade

This facade especially catches the eyes. It is a complete stone facade except for the windows, doors, and roof. These features have been constructed with materials like wood, glass, steel, and tile. The surprising thing about this is that it looks like a flat house, however, in reality, it has two floors.

2. Modern and functional

This house is the result of a remodeling project which included a 50-year-old building. The new owners decided that they needed a distribution of space that suited their style and needs. The materials that have been used are natural stone and wood. They have been integrated into large volumes to create a modern house.

The house consists of a social area which is separated from the family areas. It is intended for parties, movie nights or any other celebration. A swimming pool is also integrated into the gardens. This project met the challenge of transforming an obsolete architectural model into a modern and functional contemporary house. The lighting has been designed carefully to give a unique atmosphere at night.

3. Vibrant and natural

This house was completely transformed so that it could adapt to the needs and taste of its new owner. The changes were comprehensive since the original architectural program was not suitable for the desired objectives. Also, the public area was reorganized by taking it next to the entrance. The wooden structure is one of the focal points or significant interests in this project. 

The design of the courtyard pool with large dimensions accompanies the different terraces that open onto the gardens. The intense color of the facade, the interior wooden floors or its comfortable furniture are exclusive details in this country house. In addition to the usual rooms, a play area has been included that has a piano. Also, we must not forget that this large plot has a beautiful lagoon with a wooden bridge.

4. Californian style

The next house receives us with a path flanked by columns located in a sheet of water with a semicircular shape. The lateral planters situated in this entrance, are dotted with white flowers that stand out on the intense green. It is a holiday house with double height ceilings, for better ventilation. The home has solar panels installed, which allow a considerable saving of energy. 

In this Californian style house, light colors predominate, with marble floors and the textures on the walls. Sliding doors separate its interior areas, allowing it to be transformed into a massive social space. Also, it can function independently, which provides excellent flexibility to the house.

5. Beautiful and traditional

This design integrates the exterior and interior space as it is composed of a series of patios and internal gardens. Each of them is a different color or design, with fountains and vegetation. One of the relevant details in this exterior-interior integration is the design of doors and windows, which allow spatial continuity.

The color has a great importance in the decoration of this house and is used to delimit the interior spaces as well as the internal gardens. Pink or blue, in various ranges, are very present in every detail. The furniture is mainly white and light, to favor the integration of the lush gardens. An old underground water supply tank was remodeled into a modern wine cellar.

6. Modern beach house

This beach house is the next that we have to visit. It was built in the year 2015 to serve as a holiday home for the five members of the owners family. It is developed on one floor and has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a living room, kitchen, swimming pool and large terraces. 

Open to the sea this house is located in a privileged place that offers rest and enjoyment for a perfect vacation. Its design is based on pure volumetry, which favors ventilation and natural lighting. As for colors, textures, and materials, the white monolayer combined with stone, wood, and glass is used. Although, the real protagonist of this project is the sea.

7. Concrete and spectacular

Located in a privileged residential area this project was drafted by the office of LO Interior. The design starts from a central courtyard that has terraces, pool, and gardens. Also, the interiors go through the perimeter of the property, allowing each room to enjoy views of the beautiful patio.

The construction mainly on one level, although it has unevenness towards the private area. The social areas have been distributed between a hall, a reception room, and a living room. They are connected to the space of family coexistence, which is more private and intimate.

8. Enjoy the outdoors

This house is a typical place to spend weekends or holiday period. Its location, on the outskirts of the town and between fruit orchards, is decisive in the project. This project was designed with the area of the rooms open to interior patios. They are joined together by an external gallery which is covered by pergolas. 

The enjoyment of the exterior is the primary objective in this design, both from the public spaces and private areas. The wooden structure is visible and is committed to abundant vegetation that climbs to the high ceilings. It is the method used to incorporate the house into the landscape.

9. Charming volume

This house is an example of a simple volumetry where the proportions are those that command the design. It is designed to provide the user with a home that becomes their refuge. It is a practical and comfortable house intended for energy efficiency, low construction cost, and maintenance. In fact, the project of this home won a silver medal in the 1st National Biennial of Young Architects for the single-family housing category.

10. With luxury exteriors

In this image, we see the spectacular outdoor living room of this house. It has a pergola that provides an elegant look especially when it is illuminated. The overall design helps it achieve a spectacular atmosphere.

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