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8 Modern bedroom designs with built-in bathrooms

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The bathroom is one of the most special rooms in the house. Here the perfect combination of aromas and sensations bring us to a state of absolute tranquility. Despite being almost hidden at home, we have all dreamed about having a small bathroom in our personal space which is the bedroom. Also, having a shower or a bathtub only two steps from your bed can be considered as one of those little pleasures of life.

Whatever the layout of your room, if you are thinking of increasing your space to incorporate ensuite bathrooms, then you need to take into account a series of tips before getting down to work.

1. Things to know before you start

The first step is to visualize where and how we want the bathroom inside the bedroom. However, before starting to install bathrooms within the room, it is necessary to know a series of regulations that must be respected. The first thing is that it must be equipped with a standard ventilation system, in case there is no possibility to install a window. As in the design of this image, the ventilation system of the bedroom itself will suffice.

According to the minimum requirements that guarantee the design and quality of the homes, the minimum height between the roof and the pavement must be about 2.20 meters. Other things that must also be included, for the room to be considered as a bathroom are the sink, toilet, and shower. In any case, the architect will be the ideal person to guide you through all the legal procedures and permits necessary to carry out such work.

2. Study the space

An apparent condition, but no less critical to mention, is the size of our room. If we start from scratch, it will be easier to plan the construction of a bathroom by organizing and distributing the square meters to our liking. If this is not your case, the first thing will be to locate that little-used which has the potential to become a new sink. It is a process that does not please anyone but gets better with each time that we look at a scenario of chaos. This way we can project the vision of our future bedrooms with bath.

3. A practical proposal

With all the legal issues solved, finally its time to get down to work. We talk about the design which is the image of the future bathroom and its relationship with the rest of the bedroom. As we said, it is cause for celebration and pleasure to move from the bed to the shower and back to the bed in just a few seconds. 

For this to be possible, we will have to place both scenarios very close to each other, and choose a more practical design, such as that of the image. Here the glass goes unnoticed and is limited to fulfill its function of separating both spaces. It does not enclose the shower and allows direct access to it in just a few steps.

4. Ground level shower

Wandsworth London, Detached House Refurbishment and Design Urban Cape Interiors Classic style bathroom
Urban Cape Interiors

Wandsworth London, Detached House Refurbishment and Design

Urban Cape Interiors

In the modern designs for bathrooms, the walk-in showers have become a trend. The spatial freedom that this unhindered access offers us is synonymous with comfort and visual cleanliness. Of all the options, they are the ones that allow us to take advantage of the space and gives our bathroom a more attractive image at the same time. However, in this case, you should make sure that the ground is modified so that a small slope appears where the water slips.

5. Divide space creatively

If a bathroom is not enclosed between partitions, then you must find a way to separate it from the rest of the room visually. In modern designs, the distribution of the open concept is carried out, either by using decoration or active partitions that delimit the boundaries. It is the same principle that has been followed in the design of this photograph where the sink area becomes the main separating line. It is a perfect solution if we have a room with integrated bathroom.

6. Hide the bathroom

As soon as we enter the bedroom, we are probably able to identify where the bathroom is located. This time we propose to place it in the last corner, almost hidden by partitions. But using glass to create your partitions. In this way, it communicates openly with the place where it belongs which is the bedroom. The advantage of this design is that, despite such transparency, there is still intimacy in bathrooms integrated in rooms.

7. Hide the bathtub

Sundown, Widemouth Bay, Cornwall The Bazeley Partnership Modern style bedroom
The Bazeley Partnership

Sundown, Widemouth Bay, Cornwall

The Bazeley Partnership

We talked about how important it is to draw a separation between both rooms if it is a diaphanous space. Well, when the bathroom is enclosed we can take advantage of this condition to hide individual elements that we do not want to leave open. These include the sink, toilet or the bathtub. 

We have selected this design because despite having a partition in the bathroom, there is still transparency. By opting for a roller shutter, you can easily hide the bathtub when required. The visual connection is maintained between both rooms, while it is possible to play with the physical elements of the bathroom with the use of the shutter.

8. Together but not scrambled

When the bedroom is just a few square meters, we can consider the distribution of the design similar to this photograph. Here the bathroom that is integrated into the space of the room. However, it remains on the margin and is guarded by its own physical limits. As you can see, the design possibilities when installing built-in bathrooms in bedroom are many and varied. The spatial restrictions will influence a lot. However, it will not be the reason that will make us decide on one design or the other.

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