7 Ways to clean the carpet properly

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There is no correct or conducive moment to start cleaning your carpets except for the day that is chosen to take them to the cleaners for a professional tune-up. The fact is that rugs require regular hygienic care, as like any other element of your furniture or decoration. Although, in the case, due to the textile peculiarity, ground location, footprints, and stains of liquids, minimal cleaning is often required. Carpets can also become the ideal refuge for visible or invisible bugs like mites. So do not delay, now is as good time to find an answer to how to clean a long-haired carpet.

1. Long-haired carpets

This type of carpet is the most attractive, especially for children and pets. Both kids and pets can create dirt where they go and can become infected with almost anything. In short, long-haired carpets are beautiful, but they must always be clean. Even dust can cause carpet hairs to come off, which can cause problems if swallowed. 

If you are wondering about how to clean long-haired carpets then washing them regularly is the  answer. The ideal way to do so is by taking it out on the balcony or terrace and wiping it with a poker to free it of dust. Later, you can spray it with a solution of one part white vinegar and five parts of water.

2. Professional maintenance

In this image, we see a modern looking carpet with a geometric composition full of colors. Undoubtedly, all its chromatic splendor and cozy volume will reflect more once it is clean. The only way to achieve thorough cleaning is by resorting to laundries specialized in this type of fabric at least once a year. 

The industrial machinery available in big establishments is capable of washing this type of textile in ideal conditions. But above all, they do it in a way that allows them to dry out entirely afterward. It is something as essential as cleaning because a wet carpet creates a foul odor and even infections.

3. Hygienic maintenance

However, that annual professional cleaning is not enough. The way we scrub the floor of the rooms or clean the furniture dust, carpets must also be cleaned regularly. For this reason, there are specialized devices available in the market. If you are looking to buy one, then it is preferable to purchase the latest generation that works with steam. 

Other models are a little older and can also cause humidity. Although before using these devices it is imperative to vacuum the carpet and give it a pre-wash spray. Only with these two operations, carried out frequently, you will be able to maintain your carpets and its textile conveniently. This is also a simple trick that you can consider while trying to learn about how to clean a carpet.

4. Stains and efficient remedies

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There are times when we end up spilling drinks on the carpet. These can sometimes include things like coffee, juice, chocolate or even a glass of red wine. Although, most remedies suggest the use of ammonia. But we are going to give you another method which is healthier and less dangerous. In case if you are dealing with red wine then follow these steps. 

First, take an absorbent kitchen paper and press it on the stain so that it does not spread. Then pour a little sparkling water or oxygenated water over the stain. You will see that the wine stain starts to bubble which is a good sign. Now with the help of a sponge, you will be able to remove the mark. After that, add a little cleaning foam and with a clean sponge extend its effects. After using the vacuum cleaner, you will see that there are no remains of the spilled wine.

5. Cleaning Persian rugs

We have said before that the vast majority of textile carpets are usually made of wool. That is why most people want to know about how to clean long-pile wool carpets. It is advisable to take them to the laundry once a year. However, this recommendation is not applicable to the real Persian rugs. If the traditional processes of the east have been followed in their manufacturing, then it means that their wool has been dyed in a very peculiar way. Such rugs also preserve the natural fat of sheep wool which makes them waterproof and resistant to dirt.

6. Natural fiber carpets

Materials like jute, sisal, or bamboo are an excellent option to make carpets. While woolen tends to provide a feeling of warmth, these other elements can cause an opposite effect. Although, they do not stop being a good pavement insulation. Different materials have to be maintained differently. In this case, the primary tool to keep them clean is a vacuum cleaner. On the other hand, if the fibers have spots, then it is best to resort to salt water. It needs to be applied on both sides and later has to be dried entirely.

7. Vinyl carpets

The new carpets made with materials of plastic like polypropylene come in different textures. These can either be smooth or even braided. They are undoubtedly a trend in interior decoration industry both for its aesthetics and functionality. But in addition to its modernity, it is a type of carpet that is most easily cleaned when compared to all those currently available in the market. So if modern is your thing and you are not a slave to household chores, then the best choice is a vinyl carpet.

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