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Mezzanines : Great way to create more space in small home

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What is a mezzanine?

In the world of architecture, an intermediate floor between the ground and first floor, something like an interior balcony that opens inside the room and is accessed by a staircase. Mezzanine architecture is being increasingly used lately, as it serves to create a new space and increases the living area and storage spaces of smaller floors. This loft type structure can be created using a wide variety of materials and styles and can be used to solve a range of purposes. While the most common function of a mezzanine is the placement of bed, it is often used as study area, attic etc.

The size of houses, is a great challenge for today's age, which renders creativity all the more important. Mezzanines are fashionable, utilitarian and looks like their use will only increase in the coming years. Mezzanines are the ideal solution for creating an extra floor right inside your home, they look stylish, striking, are super functional and the favorite for kids. Here are a few examples of some mezzanines, if you need to create more space in your home. 

​A wooden structure with several functions

The first example we would love to show here is this 37m² house in the historic center of Madrid. To create a home suitable for a couple was to expand the space and take advantage of the high ceilings. To achieve this, a mezzanine was built on top of which the bedroom was created and under which the kitchen and bathroom were installed, leaving some room for free open space as well. The key element of this particular project is a piece of wood that serves simultaneously as kitchen counter, support for the loft and tabletop, all at the same time. The ladder to access up is linear with cantilever rungs. Love the idea of small house? See here for some more inspiration.

​Sleeping on the heights

As we already mentioned that one of the most used options for the mezzanine is to put a mattress and sleep. But depending on the height of your home you can take advantage to create a complete bedroom, with storage space and seating area. This was the concept of this interesting project in El Born, Barcelona, where the creation of this loft, protected by a wooden railing, allowed us to use the space that would normally be used only for the bed, to also place a kitchen and another bath.

​A private corner

Not all mezzanines are designed to place a bed, and not all mezzanines have that much space too. In this project they have taken advantage of the 3.40m of height to increase the habitable level of the bedroom, creating a small loft above the bed, accessible by a ladder. The loft has been conditioned with the minimum height mezzanine as a private area to rest, read or listen to music and store books and other utility stuff along the side.

​Under bed storage

What we find in this naturally lit, bright and pleasant room is a very useful and practical reinterpretation of a mezzanine. A second floor has not been created here, the bed has just been raised to take advantage of the natural light, which is at the height of the mattress, and the space under the bed is used for storage. A different and functional idea that changes the point of view of the bedroom without losing functionality. Have a small bedroom already? Here are 10 great ways to make a small bedroom look bigger.

​Loft over the door

The uses of mezzanine in architecture are unlimited. This mezzanine has been placed strategically on the entrance door, taking advantage of the area above this passage that was otherwise not utilized and only served as a passage. The original staircase hides a storage space that can be accessed from the side. In this way the utilization of space nears the maximum with the help of a mezzanine.

​What is it .. Mezzanine through the glass?

A wooden staircase of a considerable height leads to this mezzanine, in which a small reading area has been created, with a colorful and comfortable low seating at ground level. As a handrail, glass has been chosen, a material that facilitates light reaching the top of the room. The area under the mezzanine can be used in multiple ways, as a bath or for storage. 

​An authentic room

We sneaked into a mezzanine room that could very well be another floor of the house, since here the ceiling is so high that it allows you to stand comfortably even at the tallest. The most spectacular feature is the large window that allows a lot of natural day light. In addition to having a window, the space is completely composed as a bright room where white is the protagonist. Here are some clever tips to decorate a small home.

Do you like the idea of a small house built with mezzanine architecture to make the most of the small space?

Do you like the idea of a small house built with mezzanine architecture to make the most of the small space?
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