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10 Beautiful brick and stone houses

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Although in traditional style architecture, stones and bricks have been used mainly for exteriors are. But they are often incorporated in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room as well. It is a natural coating that is used to decorate these spaces and is becoming more and more popular. 

Beyond its rural environment, stones have also become a modern, avant-garde, and excellent resources which can be combined with any style or decoration. Although, it is not the most economical material or coating for a wall. However, the natural effect obtained with the stone in sight is not comparable to any other.

It does not require special maintenance, except for a general cleaning to avoid the accumulation of dust. Also, we guarantee that a shocking impression will be created by using stones on your walls. Here are pictures of 10 fantastic brick and stone houses that will inspire you big time.

1. A kitchen in stone

The incorporation of the stone seen in the kitchen provides an industrial and urban environment to the house. Far from looking like a rustic setting, the kitchen in this image delves into the purest avant-garde. Also, the traditional facades of exposed brick and stone perfectly integrate into the modern looking steel.

2. True to tradition

In the reform of this old farmhouse, a profound restructuring was undertaken. It led to changing internal divisions and reforming the exterior appearance, leaving the stone in sight. Without losing its charm or romanticism, the whole set was updated. It proudly displays facades of stone and rustic brick that avoids the temptation of being mixed with a more contemporary style. Thus, this old townhouse still retains its essence but is now equipped with all kinds of comforts.

3. The interior

In such houses of brick and stone we see the coexistence of rustic elements with other modern and current ones. The exposed stone wall and the bricks that frame the arched access are the perfect settings to include contemporary decoration without losing the original essence.

4. Taking the temperature

In this image, a spectacular stone wall behind a modern fireplace provides a personal and characterized environment. It is typical of a house in the countryside. The stone is an excellent insulator and guarantees thermal stability in any season of the year. It provides freshness in summer and warmth in winter.

5. If the stones spoke

Behind the houses of exposed brick and stone, inhabit a large part of our history. Ancient castles, palaces or churches still preserve these walls which tell us about the past. Also, they invite us to discover them again. A stone wall usually wants to claim all its history. That is why it is restored so that it can be exposed today with all its personality and character.

6. The living room

When choosing stone as a decorative element, we must take into account the decor of the rest of the house. Also, the environment in which it will be installed should be considered as well. If we take advantage of the qualities of the stone as a decorative element, then we are obliged to integrate it into a defined style. In this example, we see that the granite blocks are correctly incorporated into the living room. It is all thanks to the combination of fresh colors that dominate the room and a lighting that gives it a unique role.

7. Stones and armors

There are numerous old facades of stone and brick that cry out for rehabilitation. In most cases, it is decided to maintain parts of the structure which are either made of wood or stone. The dry stone of the walls gives a strong appearance to the house. Also, the installation of a metal spiral staircase adds a medieval component which is difficult to ignore. More than housing, the feeling is of inhabiting a castle with knights and armors.

8. The bathrooms

A bathroom is one of the rooms most likely to be renovated over time. With this idea of exposed stone cladding, we offer you an alternative in case you are thinking about redesigning the space. You should know that it requires a more thorough maintenance to avoid the appearance of fungi and mold. But you will gain a lot of personality and character by using this material.

9. Naked stone

The lofts are usually the result of a profound remodeling in which elements of the old structure are maintained. In this image, wooden beams coexist with iron ones along with a massive wall of exposed brick. Undoubtedly a combination that does not go unnoticed and that speaks of the convenience. It gives prominence to the original skeleton of the building, without any additional coating.

10. Let's drink by the stone

Finally, we descend to the lower part of a large company where the atmosphere of a classic winery has been imitated between the exposed stone walls. It is an ideal space to form a business contract. Also, this is the best way to complete this ideabook in which we have shown different ways to exalt the stones and bricks.

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