10 Beautiful corner cabinets for your bedroom

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The cabinets are a storage furniture par excellence. Thanks to their size they have become an all in one piece of fixture that can house coat racks, shelves, cupboards and even shoe stands. Precisely for this quality, they are must inside every bedroom where the area is designed to make the most of the space. The one-piece rectilinear has a reserved place on the walls. But its structure was no match our taste and even the aesthetic of the room. 

However, interior designers have welcomed other kind of lines and forms to propose practical solutions that fit the space of our bedroom. One such answer is the corner cabinets. Embedded or not, its primary purpose is to give use to those areas that we lost while decorating our room. Also, there are numerous possibilities when it comes to storing in these corner piece of furniture. Here are 10 good examples of how useful this new way of organizing cupboards can be for your house.

1. Sober and elegant style

The design of our next inspiration gives us the feeling of being embedded. But it is camouflaging the lines and style with those of the wall itself. Far from what it may seem, we are in front of a 3D model that occupies a considerable physical space within the bedroom. The shape of the cabinet must adapt to the colors which harmonize with the rest of decoration. A trick for this is to match the sides of the wardrobe with the cut of the wall. You can also opt for the combination of black and white, which is a great bet to highlight the classic character of any room.

2. Max cabinets

When the space of the bedroom allows, we can afford to place a closet-dressing that occupies both ends of the dike. In this case, the furniture resizes the area of the room by not being embedded in the wall. Also, this happens subtly by placing the shelf that joins the wall slightly at an angle of 90 degrees. Here we see a white color discreet-design suitable for any room that meets the necessary dimensions. The most challenging thing about such wall cabinets for bedrooms will be to remember in which module you have placed your favorite outfits.

3. The most fun

The interior of this bedroom showcases a built-in closet has been created as if it were a small cavity through the wall. Also, vinyl has been used to decorate the fixture. As in our previous inspiration, the wardrobe follows a hexagonal silhouette, which manages to soften the lines of its design and give it a more delicate appearance. Corner cabinets for bedrooms are an excellent option to break the straight lines.

4. Going unnoticed

Another way to take advantage of space is by using the blocks that divide the bedroom as a storage place. Since they have to be there with all security, it is best to make the most of these blocks. The one in the photograph, in addition to a wardrobe-dresser, also serves as a vertical sideboard, with consoles in its upper and lower part. With a white lacquered appearance, the touch of color is provided by the strip that borders the closet handles horizontally. It has a subtle way of warning us that we are facing a piece of furniture, instead of a corner.

5. Designs for children

Here we talk about the cupboard of a corner bedroom which is not embedded in the wall. It is an L-shaped fixture that is cornered at one end of the bedroom. The sides of this cabinet are exposed to make them a second source of storage. These side parts have become shelves on which the first books of the little girl who is about to arrive in this bedroom have been stored. However, when forming an angle with the cradle, it is better to maintain its smooth structure, which can always be renewed later.

6. Fitting the space

The cabinets with hexagonal structure are useful for softening the corners that were left in open air. But the curves are no more than a delicacy in the world of interior designing. The one in this photograph, not only takes advantage of the corner but also molds its lines to the attic surface of the ceiling. As if this were not enough, its sliding door design makes it possible to gain space and comfort. It is a necessary condition when the wardrobe is relatively close to the bed.

7. Circular cabinets

Some bedrooms turn the most personal stay of the house into small museum rooms which were made to be contemplated. As if it were an exhibition, the cabinets exhibit sculptures and particular pieces of textile art. The circular structure plays in our favor to form different silhouettes which match other furniture decoration, such as the bed and console. The dressing room doors are another way to enter or leave the space.

8. One wall and several cabinets

The most practical cabinets are those that adapt to the physiognomy of the wall on which they are to be placed. This sizeable built-in cabinet of modern style and curved lines is designed to store thousand and one drawers. It includes everything that can be inhabited in the bedroom. Thus it replaces any other secondary storage furniture. Its convenient location leaves the rest of the space free to circulate efficiently, which is always appreciated in a bedroom.

9. The simplicity of wood

Wood is one of the most significant elements in interior designing. Its use in furniture construction is part of its best expression. The one in this image is an L-shaped wardrobe, with a straightforward design. However, it is still fully functional. Here, it has been preferred to leave the sides empty, in exchange for using the last module as a double shelf shoe rack.

10. Place a closet

Our latest proposal confirms that any corner however small it may be is still usable. This tiny corner of the bedroom has been left empty. That is why we have put a single piece wardrobe of a small volume. It is perfect for storing winter coats or long summer dresses. Now, there is nothing like built-in wardrobes to gain and subtract space while storing objects.

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