10 Extraordinary ground level showers for your bathroom

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One of the most popular trends in recent years about the bathroom is the installation of Italian showers. They are also commonly known as walk-in showers. Its exclusive design makes it a precious resource with which the old bathtubs can hardly compete. If we stick to the original concept of an Italian shower, we see that it shares the pavement with the rest of the bathroom. However, it is also possible to find shower dishes with other materials that can help create a beautiful stay. 

In order to install a shower like this in our house, we need to have enough space to fit a siphon and a channeling system to evacuate the water from the floor. It is a job that is best suited for professionals and experts in this field. However, to help you decide for one or another shower, we have gathered 10 amazing Italian designs. These will help you understand why they have become so popular in recent years.

1. Choose a good site

If there is an advantage that characterizes this type of shower, it is the flexibility. Italian showers can be installed anywhere like in the middle of the room or a corner. The light design of such showers does not interrupt with the rest of the space. Also, its size is slightly larger than regular showers and can have a width of 120 cm to 200 cm as well.

2. A glass cube

One of the advantages of this type of shower is that it allows us to integrate it into the bedroom without any problems. Here they have chosen to protect the shower tray with a transparent glass cabin. It helps connect the bathroom with the bedroom in a subtle way. This glass cube manages to create a luxurious, elegant and very sophisticated atmosphere.

3. For small bathrooms

Italian showers can also be installed in small bathrooms. Although in such cases, you will not have as many possibilities to choose their location. We must also bear in mind that these are slightly larger than conventional ones and usually come in sizes of 80×80 cm or 90×90 cm. Also, if these are too small, it will be more likely that the water will splash in rest of the room. Therefore, in such cases do not leave the shower open and install a screen that isolates it as much as possible.

4. Own space

One of the advantages of walk-in showers is that they can become real shower rooms. They are not a simple element to create in the bathroom but is something of your own. To get that feeling of intimacy, you can create screens for walk-in showers similar to this image. Create a wall that visually separates the shower which still shares the pavement with the rest of the room.

5. A matter of comfort

If we talk about advantages of installing this type of shower dishes we can not forget their accessibility. For people with mobility problems or who live with the elderly, such walk-in showers are recommendable.

6. Pure modernity

Some people claim that the original concept of Italian showers dates back to the Romans. But the truth is that no matter how old they are, these designs are still synonymous with modernity. Light, ethereal, and classy this trend is here to stay.

7. Combining colors

Another design that has left us with an open mouth is seen in this image. Here the designer has created a cabin for the shower, which is a kind of wardrobe inside the bathroom. A screen lines it in an intense and warm orange color. In this bathroom, there are no problems with water leakage or splashing.

8. Suitable for all styles

Beyond the minimalism and modern decoration style, an Italian shower can complement any theme. In this example, we see that a rustic-inspired tiling covers the wall of the space used for the fixture. The result is a perfect blend of modern and traditional.

9. Mix of materials

In this case, we show a bathroom with a certain Mediterranean air that has been able to include an Italian shower by mixing coatings and materials. The bathroom is painted a wine color that brings warmth and energy, while the walls of the shower have been lined with white tiling. The plate has been covered with a wooden carpet that avoids any unwanted slip.

10. A little above

Finally, we say goodbye with a design that can not be classified precisely as a walk-in shower. Slightly elevated, this type of shower gets a visual effect very similar to the Italian ones. Although, its design is way less risky.

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