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10 ways to upgrade your kitchen this weekend

Amy Buxton Amy Buxton
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Giving your kitchen a makeover doesn't have to be a long and drawn out process, if you follow our advice! In fact, in just one short weekend, you could totally transform the look and feel of your space, without even needing to spend a whole heap of money either. Kitchen planners are geniuses when it comes to creating phenomenal rooms for their clients, but if you want the pro look, a refreshed vibe and a trendy aesthetic for less effort and money, come and take a look at our top tips.

1. Try a new coat of paint.

Let's start with a simple task; new paint! A fresh and very different wall colour will always make an entire room look brand new and with any colour of your choosing now available in kitchen paint (which is moisture resistant), you're onto a winner!

2. Swap out the tiles.

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Dunder Koch Arquitetura

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Dunder Koch Arquitetura

You don't need to be a DIY expert to be able to affix a few tiles! In fact, you don't always even need to remove your existing ones, so things are so much simpler than you might think! Changing out your tiles will take a weekend, as you'll need to let your adhesive dry before grouting, but the impact will be worth the effort.

3. Change up the counter accessories.

Swapping out the items you keep on your counters will instantly refresh your kitchen. You can choose to change up your canister colours, maybe add newer caddies for your tea and coffee or, for a touch of minimalism, you can remove everything!

4. Add a breakfast bar.

A small breakfast bar is a doddle to install, but what a wonderful way to add extra functionality, style and creativity to a kitchen! It makes a kitchen so much more sociable as well, especially for the resident cook!

5. How about one feature wall?

If you can't face changing up your entire kitchen, why not just focus on one wall and make a real feature of it? The options are endless, from new wallpaper to paint, decals or even stripping off the plaster to reveal the bricks underneath!

6. Blackboard paint is a lot of fun.

If you never want to get bored of your kitchen again, paint a wall with blackboard paint, give your kids and partner some chalk and just watch as your room constantly evolves! You can write meal plans and shopping lists there too, so this is a handy tip as well as a fun one.

7. Decals are a breeze to install.

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Diane Berry Kitchens


Diane Berry Kitchens

Wall decals are really popular now and we know why! Easy to install, not to mention removes, decals are a wonderful way to add extra pizazz to existing walls, without breaking the bank. You can basically get any decal style too, thanks to the easy customisation process.

8. New shelving is a must.

If you have enough storage in your kitchen already, you are very much in the minority! Adding extra shelving, on a blank wall, is a great way to make your kitchen work a little harder for you and if you choose a suitably stylish style of installation, it will really lift your overall kitchen look!

9. New lampshades work wonders.

Small changes can make a big impression, so if you want an instant and time-savvy upgrade idea, swap out your light shades! Think about choosing a style that will reflect more light or perhaps add extra warmth, such as a metallic shade.

10. Update the window dressings.

Finally, updating your window dressings will instantly modernise your kitchen! It's time to ditch the frilly curtains and old fashioned blinds for something a little more fancy, such as wooden Venetian styles. You'll be shocked at what a difference this can make!

For more kitchen inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Creative kitchen ideas.

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