7 Creative and affordable decoration ideas for your home

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With more or less craftsmanship, there are lots of solutions that can solve the problems of decorating your home, especially if you get down to work seriously. Plus, the internet is full of super creative and well-made tutorials that help us to realize all the good results we see on blogs or social networks. In case you lack ideas then here is an ideabook just for you. Now there is no excuse for not dedicating time to your projects and decorating your home.

1. Lamps in paper

Orikomi Plain Pastel Pink Orikomi BedroomLighting

Orikomi Plain Pastel Pink


Beautiful are these lamps of paper that are made using origami style. They exist in varied forms ranging from the easiest to the most difficult. If you find it very complicated, then you can use this same technique to create small patterns and hang them next to a light bulb. It will help you create a different light effect. Another application is to make them for the cradle of a baby.

2. A different hanger

Are you the kind of person who likes to air all the clothes that you wore the same day before arranging them in the closet? If so then forget about hanging them on a chair or bedside table. To get out of this old-fashioned habit, you can use a custom made hanger as you see in this example. Aside from the clothes getting less crumpled, it also gets tidier and airy.

3. Burlap pillows

Create highly personalized and fantastic pillows with burlap or stencil decoration is also a great idea. They look fantastic and give a very casual touch to any space. You can use them in your living room or in the outdoor area you have, to offer more comfort to everyone.

5. Recover an old part

Take a look at the attic and look for pieces that are in good condition so that they can be reused to decorate some space of the home. Anything can work from lamps, typewriters, armchairs, wooden chairs to antique tables. What matters is that they fit perfectly in the space you have idealized. Also, they should make sense and complement the rest of the decoration.

6. Print pictures

Nothing like having pictures to make a house more inhabited . Use pictures were taken by yourself or that you saw on the internet. You can print or create photographs that can be hung on the walls of your home.

7. Decorate with flowers

How about adding a fresh touch to your bedroom, living room or even the kitchen? One can do this by using flowers either natural or artificial. Pick them up from your garden or accept the ones your neighbor usually gives you to decorate various rooms of your house.

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