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10 Rustic kitchens to inspire you !

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A cook is an artist, who says a lot through his work. The art of cooking needs just as much ambiance and mood as painting or writing. When you love spending time in the kitchen, it is a good idea to make it worthwhile.

Here we want to inspire you the best we know. This time with 10 built-in-kitchens (complete or partial) of rustic style, which will take you back to your roots, to your old hometown, or to your grandmother's rustic kitchen, where you can reminisce your childhood, one of the best times in your life. Rustic does not go out of style, so if you are thinking of a rustic kitchen as an option for your home, we hope that you will find all the inspiration you need, right here !

Italian style

This built-in-kitchen is perfect for those who take a lot out of the oven! Have you ever wished you had a stone oven in your kitchen? With a built in oven, you not only get an unparalleled cooking tool for that authentic taste in all your dishes, it is also a unique decorative element for your kitchen. 

In this kitchen, the oven is undoubtedly the protagonist, giving a stylish and warm feel to the rustic kitchen. This is one beautiful kitchen with a predominance of exposed brick and wood, and one of the walls in a slightly more striking / dissonant tone, to add some contrast. Here are 10 stylish and sturdy brick kitchen designs you would not want to miss.

Brick and wood

This spectacular kitchen in which it has been decided to bet on the brick and wood, the two most prominent features of the rustic style. Both the main wall and the base of the eating bench are completely made of brick, with the shelf and the upper area of the bar, the chairs and other elements in natural wood. 

This kitchen is highlighted with other colors as well like blue or green leaf, which add some pep to the bricks. The little details of the handing red onions, the green bottle types hanging lamps over the dining table give a retro touch and brightness to this stylish rustic kitchen. Here are 6 hacks for a ravishing retro look for your kitchen.

Plain old Rustic

 In the south of Spain, as well as in the Balearic Islands and some rural areas, cave houses are very typical. Well, this type of rustic kitchen could easily be found in cave houses. A kitchen in which the stone walls are roughly textured, the slabs small, the corners no so well lit, giving a very homey and warm feeling, like in a cave. It is a cozy, completely rural style kitchen, with wooden log ceiling, a kitchen that would be practically impossible to emulate in a house in the city, but that is precious for a house in the countryside or the mountain. So if you have one… you know! Do you want to know which kitchen style suits your personality?

Tile coating

In this modern built in kitchen, the walls are covered with tiles of different patterns, shades, sizes and shapes, creating a colorful space, rustic but very original and fun. We love the idea of recovering tiles of excellent quality, resulting in a kitchen in which the ceramic takes the decorative reins. Of course, you need to have bright lighting in this place. If lighting is not ample, try to introduce lights in superior projections, like under the highest furniture you have, also opt for clear tones as much as possible. Here are vintage kitchen ideas for the modern home.

Wood route

This kitchen is one of our favorites on the list. It is a super cozy space, that plays with the shapes, with the contours, which has a thousand decorative elements that make it special. It is a diaphanous kitchen, open to the rest of the house and covered by two parallel wooden shelves in all its space. It also leaves the exposed beams and plays with the holes in the stone of the wall for both decorative and functional purposes. It is a rustic kitchen, yes, but also very modern and with a unique and spectacular design.

Simple and cozy

If simple is your style, this type of kitchen is suitable for any kind of style or decoration that you may want want to add.In this kitchen the typical stoneware chosen for the shelf, blends well with the white and grey tiles of the wall. The matte look stainless steel sink is one of the most successful for this context, with a retro design that you would love.

The old look tiles

In this small corner of a fairytale like kitchen, we find a slab like those of yesteryears. A wall covered by small white tiles with worn effect and watched from above by a retro-style chimney. But without a doubt what we like most are these tiles, from the hand of Interazulejo. A series called Records D'Art with which we return to the past, to the old factories. This series rescues drawings of old hand painted tiles in factories of Castellón, Onda, Maniesas, Antwerp and Coimbra. It is certainly a luxury to have them back and enjoy what was once a way of making pottery.

Earthen colors and shapes

Here is a kitchen in which the work furnace returns to become the protagonist. And not only because it is super impressive, but also because of the contrast it creates with the rest of the kitchen in a pastel and ocher tone. This kitchen plays with different finishes, from the counter-top in the background made entirely in different texture and form to the one you can see in a foreground with a glossy black finish (much more modern). Do you like this combination of materials and styles? If you love rural styles, you would not want to miss this ideabook.

Small but tough

In this small kitchen we find spaces of authentic caprice as the furniture that covers the extractor hood on the stove. A carved wood furniture that fits perfectly in this context of exposed beams and sloping roofs. The work bar and the rest of the kitchen are covered by small white tiles with a bright finish and the doors of the cabinets are also made of natural wood in a dark tone. All in natural elegance! 

Open and affordable

Finally, we come to an open kitchen, which uses a constructed bench, used for eating as a separation from the rest of the house. A great option for all those who do not have enough space to put a dining table as such inside the kitchen but they want to have a little corner where breakfast can be enjoyed. And also for those who have an American kitchen and want an aesthetic resource to separate it visually from the rest. A simple kitchen, in shades of white and wood in different tones and finishes. Love Rustic? Here are 20 more rustic kitchen designs you would love.

Which one is your favorite on the list?

Which one is your favorite on the list?
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