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This modern Toronto home looks family-ready

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A modern house which has a front and a backyard, a garden, and is as good looking as a dream. In a busy city like Toronto, having a house on the ground is a blessing. A house on the ground is the best gift you can give to your family, especially the kids, since they get so much to see and learn at the grass root level, than when living at a height. This great looking house in the city of Toronto, looks absolutely ready for a family to move right in! 

A perfectly compact house

If you are looking for a house that will give you the best value for your money, you can consider this compact modern house, which has the best space utilization that you could think of. When it comes to living, you need space and comfort, and when it comes to maintenance, you wish you had a small area to take care of. This modern house is the perfect size to leverage all the indoor facilities and is compact enough to be easily maintainable. The lush grass that surrounds the pathway to the stairs leading to the front door looks enticing and gives the house a nice natural contrast. The rooms on both the floors are perfectly geometrical putting every square inch to the best use. It looks like a perfect pad for the modern family! See yet another modern house for a sun loving family.

The use of glass

The use of large panoramic style glass on all sides ensures fresh natural light all day. Even the stairs area of the house is naturally well lit, thanks to the full length glass trio on the side wall. The designers have ensured that no corner of the house remains deprived of the natural sunlight to keep the entire family warm and cozy. Inspired by the use of glass, see 11 sensational houses with glass facades.

Amidst a lot of greenery

The best part about this house is it's oasis like location. It is surrounded by greens on all sides, trees, grass and shrub bushes. When the green reflects on the windows, and the house sits on a green patch of land, you can rest assured regarding the health of the people living inside the house. The greenery will ensure the best air for your family, free from toxins and pollution. Here, you can soothe your eyes with green therapy by just opening the drapes and have a great green view right from your own room. Click here to know 6 advantages of living on the ground floor.

Lighting creates beauty

When the home welcomes you like this, when you come back from work, you need nothing more to relax. The focus on lighting by the designers has done wonders to highlight the appearance of this modern house, especially in the night. The lighting in warm yellow tones complements the wood beautifully and adds warmth to the entire house. The beautifully lit pathway, with square concrete landings surrounded by while gravel is sure to attract many visitors. It is a house that is sure to create a great first impression. Here are 15 ideas to create an enchanting entrance to your home.

View from the backyard

There isn't one protagonist in this house, here it is the beautiful combination of wood and glass used to utter perfection to get this spectacular house in the city. The living room as visible in the picture is large and spacious and the small area above the stairs a perfect sitting place even in the rains. You could always do up the garden your way, whether you would like gazebo or a pergola, or just some open air seating arrangement as per your taste. You will be amazed to see the incredible transformation of a gloomy garden.

Did you like this modern family house? What do you think is the best attribute of this house?

Did you like this modern family house? What do you think is the best attribute of this house?
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