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Inside this Toronto home is everything you can dream of

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Have you ever felt like you have fallen in love with a house?  We can tell you how it feels like. We have for you a house located in Toronto, which has every thing that you can dream of. Its luxury at its modern best! This house is going to have you enchanted right from the moment you notice it, and is sure to keep you wanting to see more! Let us take you for a tour of this modern home in Canada. Are you ready for a tour?

The first impression – Exterior

Here it would even seem right to judge the book by its cover! When the outside is so glamorous, one would just wonder whats inside. The simple glass doors with wooden frame complement the brick background beautifully. What will not remain unnoticed is the beautiful attic window, which is also symmetrical in design to the rest of the windows. A thoughtful work by the designers has made the exteriors of this house spectacular. The modern meets rustic exterior, coupled with wooden railings gives a fairy-tale entrance to this lovely looking Toronto house. here are 12 entrance ideas that will make your guests take note.

Living Room

The color theme of the living room is subtle, neutral and mostly white. There is nothing that feels out of place, be it the soft beige rug on the floor, the wood and glass table which doesn't seem like it's there on the wooden floor against the white background, the white couch, the white lamps, the transparent side stools, everything seems sparkling and creates a lot of space and light in the living room. The modern painting on the wall, and the black fireplace is a welcome contrast to this lustrous white living room. Hope you will love these 9 spectacular ideas to decorate your living room.

The bedroom

The bedroom again boasts of luminous whites dominating the scene, with some neutral grey deliberately used to add depth.The bed has a white headrest with a royal touch, and the whites in the wall and the light wooden floor gives a serene look to the entire room. What you would absolutely admire is that the baby's room is just so similar to the bedroom in terms of the color theme and is right across the hall from the bedroom. Here you can check out the 10 most soothing colors to paint your bedroom.

The Kitchen

The kitchen has lot of natural sunlight coming in, which is sure to keep the house fresh and warm all day. The kitchen has a minimalist design, yet has everything that you would need in a kitchen is there. The L shaped work counter allows a lot of work space, and the dull blue color on the kitchen cabinets gives a modern eclectic feel to an otherwise white house. It also helps to create a visual separation between the kitchen and the dining room, much required for an open plan kitchen. Unable to decide what style kitchen you would love? Have a look at Kitchen style battle :Mediterranean vs Scandinavian!

The dining area

The dining area consists of a small dining table, just perfect for the family, with contemporary and curvaceous chairs and a table that almost blends with the background. The dining area has a lot of windows to allow natural light inside, and the basin counter that is in the center of the kitchen, is not far too. A practical approach to such a luxurious home! Here are 8 naturally neutral dining rooms to devour with your eyes.

The Bath

This is what we call luxury at its best! The bathroom has wooden flooring too, and tiled below the bathtub to avoid any water splash damaging the wood. This could be the best compromise between looks and utility. The walls are plain white, keeping in tune with the rest of the house. The highlight of the bathroom however, is the window right above the bathtub, that make the bathroom look so spacious and fresh. You can now give your bathroom the wow effect with these decor ideas.

The patio

The patio is kept looking natural and designed using neutral colors. Wooden flooring and wooden walls along with natural greenery and potted plants, make it a fresh air oasis in the busy city of Toronto. The furniture chosen is easily maintainable and absolutely suitable for keeping outdoors.

And we have a surprise

This little room near the patio, possibly a renovated garage is something that left us wondering the multiple options that a small secluded room could offer. A small room could be converted into a kids playing area, a study or an office. There is just no limit to using a closed space. 

Hope you loved this beautiful looking house in Toronto. What is that one thing in this house that inspired you the most?

Hope you loved this beautiful looking house in Toronto. What is that one thing in this house that inspired you the most?
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