7 valuable habits that keep your home neat and clean

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Who doesn't like a house that is neat, clean and well organized, and you can take our word for it, that it is not at all difficult to maintain a house that way. The house starts to appear cluttered, untidy or unclean only because of negligence, and thought it may not bother you initially, it becomes a huge mess when it starts to accumulate.

It only needs some discipline in terms of a few habits that will make all the difference. If you think that it is time to change the old habits and create new ones, here are some simple and easy tasks to incorporate in your routine, which will allow your house to look much clean and tidy, more sorted and more comfortable. It's never too late!

Keeping things back immediately after use

Reaching your home is such a comforting feeling for everyone, most of us have the practice of keeping whatever we are holding in the hands right at the first place that we see vacant. Your bag, keys, jacket all things have their places, and its just a matter of practice to go straight to the key hanger first and then the closet to keep your jacket and bag, and then start feeling at home. This way you will save time when you need them in the morning. See here for 9 smart ways to organize your shoes.

Similarly when you are done eating remove the dishes and clean them right away, place the book where it belongs when you are done reading, fold the blankets when you leave the bed. These things when brought in practice hardly take any time and change the look of the house drastically, making it look neat and tidy.

Never leave for tomorrow what you can do today

Procrastinating is the seed of failure, so if you see something out of place, do not wait until morning to fix it. Remember that sooner or later you only have to do it. When you see that the kitchen needs mopping, that the sheets need washing or that the carpet needs vacuuming, do not wait for long, or one day you will have to them all together. Always remember : A stitch in time saves nine, and in this case it will keep your house it will help you keep your house sorted for good. Here are 5 smart tips for storing your clothes.

Bathroom needs special attention

A clean and tidy bathroom is not a luxury but a requirement. It is essential to have the bathroom cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis in order to avoid infections caused by germs and bacteria that accumulate in moist places. There are cleaning agents of various types that eliminate the water and lime stains from the shower with just a light scrub, keeping the washrooms sparkling clean. As a matter of fact, not letting the dirt accumulate, by cleaning daily is a much easier option than trying to remove the dirt on a monthly basis.

After every shower, you should collect the fallen hair and throw them instantly in the dustbin, to maintain the aesthetics of the bathroom and the health of your pipes. Pass a rag by taps and mirrors to wipe off all the water droplets and keep them shiny as new. Also cleaning the tile joints once in a quarter will keep the bathroom smell and look fresh and clean. You might like these 19 tricks and tips on bathroom cleaning.

Maintain cross ventilation

When you wake up, make it a practice to open the windows of the room, and circulate the air. It is a habit that does not take much time and effort, and can completely change the atmosphere of our home. This little change in your habit will eliminate the germs and the odors that have accumulated during the night in your room, reducing the risk of allergies and infections. A ventilated house always looks fresher and more beautiful, don't you think so too? You might want to banish these 5 decor mistakes from your bedroom.

Clean the kitchen after every meal

Meal time over? Perfect time to rinse the dishes, utensils and glasses and place them in the dishwasher (or wash them by hand with a good scourer). Doing this chore right away will save you time, and help maintaining a neat and tidy home. Encrusted food is harder to remove and when it accumulates for too long, it emits unpleasant odors, so do not leave dirty dishes in the sink owing to laziness. When you have to do it, better get it over with right away. Here are 10 ideas for a super organized kitchen.

A basket for dirty clothes

Use a laundry basket (or even two: one for colors and one for whites) to avoid stacking dirty clothes on the bed or chair and to avoid the hassle of bending and putting it directly in the washing machine. In fact go for a beautiful looking basket, that also doubles as a washroom decor, and have the little decorative help you in keeping the bathroom and the room organized, neat and beautiful.

Four rules of thumb for a neat and tidy home

There are four simple and effective steps to keep your home clean and tidy any time of the day :

- Use a vacuum cleaner every day to clean the floor and a couple of rags with a cleaner to remove dust from the surfaces.

- Scrub the floor once a week with water and specific detergent for wood, stoneware, marble, flooring etc

- Change the bedding every week, so you can sleep better.

- Washing the curtains and dusting the shelves at least once a quarter will help make your home look much cleaner.

Before you start off with the cleaning, it will be good idea to see these 10 mistakes you are probably making while cleaning.

Hope these little suggestions help you keep your room neat and clean always. What is the first habit that you would like to change?

Hope these little suggestions help you keep your room neat and clean always. What is the first habit that you would like to change?

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