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10 mind blowing ideas for pools in modern homes

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Having a pool at home is a great advantage, and when you can afford to have pool in your home, you absolutely should. You will never regret having a pool in your house. It becomes the favorite hangout spot for kids, your friends and gives you the opportunity to relax and unwind after a long hard day! Having a pool in your home is definitely a style statement, but it is so much beyond that. A pool in the house is a great facilitator to promote bonding, encourage fun and games, a dip in water is a great mood enhancer. Below are some examples of pools in modern homes, that will blow your mind.

1. Pool in Patio – An extension of the interior!

Seems like it comes right from the Hollywood movies, this pool lined with royal blue tiles is full of style in every way. It is the high point of the patio, reflecting the lights from the inside. The small open kitchen just beside the pool looks so gorgeous, that even in the time you are not swimming, you can drench your senses by enjoying some poolside cooking. The house and the pool fit together perfectly, in terms of color and aesthetics, and that is what creates magic in this picture. See this Toronto house that makes every summer epic.

2. Discreet and warm

A home with a pool, still had to be comfortable. Ultimately home is one place where you would expect to get the maximum comfort. This pool, created in a natural environment with some grass, some greenery looks very pleasing and gives a very warm feeling in combination to the house having interiors in shades of warm and neutral tones.

3. Mediterranean Inspired

Meticulously designed by the professionals of De Vivo Home Design, is this spectacular looking, intense blue swimming pool in an unconventional shape standing out gorgeously against the white background, giving a Mediterranean vibe to the area. It is so difficult to resist falling in love with the curved contours of this lovely looking pool. Throw in some sun chairs, and enjoy the Mediterranean holiday feel right in the backyard at your home. Love Mediterranean style interiors? Have a look at this beautiful Mediterranean kitchen.

4. On the terrace

This house with pool has a great modern look,  That is sure to impress you right from the first look. The terrace hosts an open pool right outside the window, in a perfect rectangular shape, lined with light turquoise tiles. The dark wood colored floor complements the light pool perfectly and the pool chairs make it look very calm and relaxing. Here are 17 amazing pool designs for small patios and gardens.

5. Perfectly Geometrical

A modern and straight forward and luxurious house encompassing a pool that spreads style in the air around it. The pool is perfectly rectangular, surrounded by grass on two sides, with sun beds arranged in line creating a too good to be true feeling. It is a little unusual to see something with style and aesthetic value so high that it takes a few moments to breathe in the beauty. A pool this beautiful needs a high amount of maintenance too to keep it sparkling and beautiful. 

6. A complete country house

This is a house with an old-fashioned pool, one of those that you hardly find now a days, but is sure to take you back a few decades by the looks of it. The natural stone walls, the bright colors and the landscape add drama and definition to the bright open air pool, and definitely stands out in terms of its aesthetics.

7. A pool under an elegant roof

Elegance and royalty comes to mind immediately as you see this indoor pool. This pool defines luxury under the roof. The abundance of lighting, in the ceiling, the concealed lighting and the lighting in pool brightens up the place creating a day like atmosphere even in the night. The beautiful chandelier in the center adds to the entire scene of elegance.

8. Modernity at its best

An outdoor pool to a modern house, surrounded by natural greenery and an abundant sitting space is just what you need to enjoy all your summer evenings and not get tired. A perfect place right in the home for hosting birthday parties and getting together. 

9. An elongated pool for a compact patio

Here we have a house with pool that, that manages to accommodate style and comfort in a small space. A narrow pool is the perfect idea to use the space for sitting and other leisure activities beside the pool. Do you feel you do not have enough space on your patio? See these elevated and cheap pools that can fit well on any patio.

10. Perfect to relax

Lastly, a house with a pool, that seems to have started with the thought of relaxing carefree and to simply enjoy the spectacular surroundings of this pool. The pool is surrounded by potted plants, in bright colored planters over a natural colored floor, adding contrast and color to the place. Here are more examples of relaxing mini pools for your home.

Having a pool in the house is a wonderful feeling, water relaxes and calms the body. If you liked these lovely looking home pools, do let us know in your comments, which one is your favorite.

Having a pool in the house is a wonderful feeling, water relaxes and calms the body. If you liked these lovely looking home pools, do let us know i...
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