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26 very original small kitchens that will inspire you

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The kitchen, which used to be a just a practical and functional part of the home earlier, is now one of the most decorated and celebrated spaces in a home. With the concept of open plan kitchens right in the living room, lot of thought is given into the design, the look and the organization of the kitchen. The kitchen is now an integral part of the style statement of a home. This new role is no more dependent on a kitchen's dimensions. We bring to you in this ideabook, 26 very small kitchens that offer a lot of charm, without losing the functionality. Are you ready to devour?

1. One and a half meter long kitchen

As they say that the best essences are kept in the smallest jars, this kitchen is an example of how, even the smallest spaces can offer attractive designs full of charm. The kitchen is splashed with color but with a clear domination of white (a very appropriate resource to make the spaces appear larger). The main wall decorated with newspaper clippings or comic strips wallpaper is very modern and unconventional.

2. The elegance of black

It is not one of the most common colors in a kitchen, regardless of its size, but the surprising truth is that here, the black color gives it an unquestionable elegance. This design incorporates a mosaic that also serves to break the monochrome and adds sophistication to this little black beauty of a kitchen.

3. You can bring your small kitchen to life by adding bright color on walls, furniture or accessories

4.Combination of colors for a fun kitchen

One of the keys to the evolution of kitchen design has been the introduction of colors. Adding unusual shades or even experimenting with new combinations can give incredible results. This kitchen has this unusual yellow counter top, to match the fun pattern chosen for the pavement, and gives it a bright and lively feel.

5. The magic of minimalism

One of the best ideas, that you can use when making your kitchen or any space look bigger, is to keep the furniture to a minimum. Minimalism is a perfect trend to decorate your small kitchen, and when the space is less, definitely less is more. This kitchen offers freedom of movement, functionality and a 100% attractive aesthetics, what else can you ask for? Here are the 7 essential things for a functional kitchen.

6. Do not forget to use a lot of storage. Keeping your small kitchen perfectly tidy will make it look bigger

7. Bet on the color

An attention to detail can completely transform the space. You need to divert the attention from the small space by decorating it right. Putting the accent on the main wall of this kitchen with a bright orange color has managed to add vitality and character to this small kitchen. Confused as to which color you should bet on? See a kitchen to match your sun sign

8. Combination of materials

Another good idea to make your small kitchen an amalgamation of charm and personality is to bet on the combination of different materials. A decorative bell, attractive sidewalks and the odd note of color, for example, can be the ingredients that complete the recipe for the success of your kitchen design. See 11 kitchen ideas you can easily copy to make your kitchen just the way you want.

9. American kitchens are a perfect solution when the available spaces are not too generous

10. Tradition and modernity

We mentioned above, how interesting it is to combine materials to achieve surprising results in small kitchens. Similarly it is also a great idea to mix two different styles and make a new one. The touch of tradition provided by the stone wall as opposed to the modern lines of furniture makes this kitchen a perfect example of how to achieve harmony by betting on different decorative trends.

11.Wood the protagonist

Wood is one of the most versatile materials that you could find in the market. The special ability of wood that provide heat insulation, and turns spaces into cozy and warm places makes it an ideal choice for cold places. Wood is a perfect raw material for decorating kitchens of all sizes, and that reflects in this small wooden kitchen.

12. A long and narrow kitchen offers a multitude of possibilities for maximum use

13. Finding the appropriate place

Decorating a small kitchen is like making bobbin lace, a process that requires patience and attention but whose results are worthwhile. If the dimensions of your kitchen are not too generous, everything must be perfectly fitting in its place. A perfect example is this design in which the appliances are concentrated in a corner, preventing them from interfering with the movement.

14. Blank and wood

The Scandinavian vibe in this small kitchen in white and wood is very inspiring. Its design transmits serenity and, thanks to the large amount of natural light reflected by the furniture, manages to create a unique and modern appearance without loosing functionality.

15. The black and white binomial is a safe bet when talking about design and interior decoration and it works well for the kitchen too.

16. A kitchen in U shape

The distribution of the kitchen is fundamental, especially when we talk about small spaces. A kitchen in U like the one that we see in the image, despite its limited dimensions offers, sufficient working surface to develop all your creative talents. 

17. Tradition and modernity combined together in this small kitchen that opens onto the living room

18. A small kitchen with peninsula

The amount of available space is the determining factor for the elements that we can include in the kitchen. If you are a fan of the kitchen islands, then you must know that they are not the best option for a small kitchen. A more practical and aesthetically similar alternative are kitchen peninsulas like the one that has been incorporated into the design of this room creating a spacious and functional work space. Here is how to maximize the storage in your kitchen.

19. A kitchen full of charm

In this kitchen the use of color in a peculiar way, is what makes it inspiring. Although furniture and decoration, in general, are dominated by gray, cupboards and drawers hide a special chromatic charm. Its interiors are dressed in an apple green color that gives this kitchen a unique personality.

20. Lighting is fundamental

Blue & Cream Gloss Kitchen, Aberdare, South Wales Hitchings & Thomas Ltd Modern kitchen Blue
Hitchings & Thomas Ltd

Blue & Cream Gloss Kitchen, Aberdare, South Wales

Hitchings & Thomas Ltd

Lighting is a factor that adds a whole new dimension to any space. In the case of small kitchens, the ideal lighting option is wide window that allows natural light and created a visual illusion of space. However, artificial light is equally important, especially in work spaces such as the one seen in the image illuminated by Leds.

21. A detail in red is always very striking and can make your kitchen look smashing hot

22. Matching floor and walls

Visual games are a common resource in interior design. In this case the use of same geometric pattern in the lining of the walls and the flooring, creating a very interesting effect that gives continuity to both, generating a curious perception of space.

23. Stone coatings

Having a small kitchen does not require you to sacrifice aesthetics. The stone, for example, is a tremendously attractive material and is perfect in this small modern kitchen that reflects a rustic style and looks beautiful combined with the wooden beams of the ceiling.

24. The use of natural and neutral materials is a trend that looks great in small kitchens

25. No place is wrong when you feel like experimenting with colors in your small kitchen

The colored tiles in random patterns give this kitchen a lively and creative appearance.

26. An ode to modernity dressed in wood

Of contemporary cut and indisputable elegance, is this last picture that we have in this ideabook. The presence of wood confers a certain air of organic design, a differentiating note for a space that is made for creativity. See here for 40 great ideas to plan a small kitchen.

Do you have a small kitchen too? Which one do you want your kitchen to look like?

Do you have a small kitchen too? Which one do you want your kitchen to look like?
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