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15 small gardens under the stairs or at the entrance of your home

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A garden inside the house is a trending thing today. Regardless of its size, it is always pleasant to enjoy the beauty and freshness of nature. 

Since it is an  indoor garden, you need to find the best place available to put it. The space below the stairs and near the entrance are the favorites for this purpose. They catch the attention of people as they enter the house. In this ideabook, we'll show you 15 ideas to create an indoor garden. Come, have a look!

1. A garden at the entrance of the house for a spectacular reception

You can put pots at different points in the entrance and arrange them on a stone bed made with beautiful white round stones. Elegant, easy to maintain and minimalist, this small green area will definitely catch your guests' attention. 

2. Choose the appropriate species

The Running Wall Residence LIJO.RENY.architects Houses

The Running Wall Residence


When you begin to outline the design, you have to take into account the characteristic of decoration and the architectural style of the house. Here we can see how the excellent combination of stone and wood has created an environment with a natural ambiance.

3. The choice of plants

The type of plants that you will be able to choose will depend on the amount of sunlight that is present in your garden. If there is light, palms are a great option for indoor gardens as they require less maintenance and less water, or else you can go for ferns and money plant that need less light. Here are 10 perfect plants to add natural magic to your home.

4. Take advantage of space

Exploit the space below the staircase to create a beautiful garden that adds aesthetic value to the interior of your house and the staircase in particular. 

5. Choose beautiful vases

Another easy option is to cover the floor with pebbles to accommodate vessels of different sizes and decorative objects. The vessels do not have to be all the same, but they should have some common feel to them to create a beautiful vessel garden.

6. Green wall on the stairs

The staircase offers several solutions to create stunning décor. If you can have the wall hold plants, than cover it with frame, and use dense plants to create a green wall with different plant species.

7. When the staircase is near the front door

A simple idea for decorating the staircase is by using potted plants. However, safety needs to be ensured with pets, small children and elderly people living in the home. The pots should be heavy, so that they do no fall easily and also there should be some placeholder to keep them fixed.

8. Use Skylight

In this project, a skylight was used to create a glass-based stone garden. Natural light is important for the development of plants that emerge as the focal point in the house. This beautiful garden near the entrance, is the center of attraction of the house.

9. Narrow Garden

Here we have a perfect garden model for a staircase adjacent to a narrow space. Compose an interesting green spot using plants of different species and have a different landscape in different seasons.

10. Vertical Garden

Another example of how to take advantage of the walls is a vertical garden that, in addition to being fashionable, is very practical especially in large cities where apartments are small and space is scarce. These gardens do not take up space, and  are instrumental in making your home more beautiful and fresh. Want to create one, see how to create you own vertical garden.

11. Garden near the main door

The vibrant green of the plant protrudes against the background of the stone wall that is rough, sophisticated and creates a natural ambiance for the garden. The glass door allows natural light for the garden. A perfect place for a small garden to welcome you as you enter the home.

12. Green wall and flowerbed

If you have the space and the budget, this is a fantastic idea for the entrance of your house. On one hand, is a  glass wall that allows the garden to be integrated with other environments, and on the opposite wall, there is a vertical garden accompanied by flowering plants at the bottom which, in turn, lining the entrance of the house. Here are 8 creative DIY projects for your garden.

13. Flower bed at the entrance

This flower bed is perfect for the main entrance, especially against a wall in light color. The beautiful lilies are a statement of elegance and the pebbles on the floor make this garden look sophisticated and charming. See 16 indoor gardens that are so easy to copy.

14. Vases near the stairs

A simple and beautiful idea. You can enjoy the stairwell in several ways. In the image, we have a simple garden which is very easy to recreate. The floor covered with pebbles in different shades accommodates a pair of potted plants with large sized leaves. Simple yet attractive!

15. Beautiful garden in the stairwell

This type of garden will take more space, but the strategic use of glass for light and the meticulous landscaping helped to make this little garden look like a beautiful forest. Here are 25 amazing ideas to decorate your small garden.

Where would you like to have your garden, at the entrance, under the stairs or on a wall?

Where would you like to have your garden, at the entrance, under the stairs or on a wall?
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