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8 Boxing day bargains for your home

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Now that the holiday season is approaching, a lot of excitement is in the air, the vacations, break from the work routine, time with family, cakes, chocolates and the most important of all the Boxing Day! When the sale is on its maximum and the deals are great, it is the best time of the year to make some great looking renovations to your home. A great time to satisfy the house need, and some great bargains to satisfy some greed too. Lets us look what you could do with the superfluous deals all around on Boxing Day! 

Upgrade your television to the latest technology

With the new technology redefining the way you watch television, it is a great idea to take advantage of the best bargains of the year and upgrade your television to the latest technology and enjoy the  better experience all through the year! You can always upcycle your old television set and make someone else's Boxing day special too.

Barcalounger for the media room?

Barcalounger is the highest level of luxury and comfort in your media room. Take advantage of the super bargains on furniture and make your media room a place that will not let you or your loved ones budge. It is still 3 full months of winter so make your media room more exciting to have super entertainment indoors until you are ready for the outdoor summer fun. See Canadian media rooms that are full of magic.

Refrigerator with more space

Built-In Fridge and Pantry STUDIO Z Modern kitchen White

Built-In Fridge and Pantry


Refrigerator is one thing, that shrinks as you start using it, at least it seems like it. The matter of fact is, the bigger the refrigerator the better it is. It allows you to plan and store a lot of meal in advance and you can have relaxed cooking days, by just planning once a week. If you too are a fan of home cooking, it is a great idea to exploit the super deals on boxing day and get a refrigerator upgrade.

A silent new washing machine

Now this is one thing, that you would want to do, only if you need to do it. The thing with washing machines is that the gravity and rotation and the moving parts cause a lot of wear and tear unlike other electronic equipment, and after a certain period of time, the noise a washing machine creates is a little too high to be avoidable. If you have such an antique equipment, go ahead and put the great deals on boxing day to good use and replace your old washing machine, with a new silent cleaner!

Kids room furniture

As the children grow, their requirements change. What better time to redo their room with an all new furniture and decor when you have the boxing day sale coming up. Start thinking about the space and colors and create a funky pad for the your loved little ones. Give them a gift this Christmas, that they will enjoy for years! Here are some ideas for kids room, thought you would like! Here is an inspiration for a beautiful kids room.

The study chair

For those who love books and love to read, the most important piece of furniture in the home is the study chair. Having a comfortable chair makes the entire experience of reading a bliss. You should not think much before replacing your old study chair for a grander, more comfortable one, on which you could just fall asleep while reading. So look for the great deals and find the best one for you. You deserve it! See this beautiful office study chair, you will love it!

Light, Delight !

It is good to add a fresh new charm to your life and your house once in a while, just to keep up the zing! There will not be much cost involved if you find low priced fresh lights in the boxing day sale to perk up the ambiance of the house many notches. See how lighting created magic in this bedroom.

Decorative artifacts

Refresh the entrance of your house this holiday season, to welcome your friends and family over. Buy some artifacts, huge vases, planters or statues to brighten up the entrance of your home, or any other area, and bring in the positive vibes of change, with the change in year. Here are 13 ideas for some wow worthy entryways.

Have a great holiday season and enjoy the sale! Hope you are getting your boxing day list ready!

Have a great holiday season and enjoy the sale! Hope you are getting your boxing day list ready!
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