8 Outstanding residential container houses

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear of container houses? Perhaps the container terminal that looks like a pile of iron containers, right? We will probably change your perception today!

This ideabook is loaded with eight container estates that will definitely disrupt your idea of housing with their fresh new style! You would never have expected, that a container could look so stylish and yet so practical! 

1. ​Three-storey container house

Industrial wind interior design is very personal, fashionable, and hence is becoming the favorite of the youngsters. The use of iron for the facade of the container house further enhances the integrity of the industrial wind design. This strength enables the interiors as well as the exteriors to be designed in any desired way. In general, the most commonly found container houses are single-storied, but the unique design in the picture has full three levels! The house has a dark gray and white exterior, classy and very very stylish.

​2. A container house with greenery

The construction period of the container house is short and the plasticity is high, which is also its unique advantage. Some styles are even called moving houses because it is easy to shift the entire container house to a different place. In the picture, the container house is located on a green pad, with large floor to ceiling windows, and the terrace with large potted plants makes it a beautiful sight. Here is a lovely looking eco friendly container house to treat your eyes with.

​3. Added wooden elements

Generally the container houses are associated with the industrial feel, but this one design proves that the container estates can also be integrated with nature to to reflect the natural wood texture. The wooden ceiling and walls nowhere let you feel it is a container house. Another noteworthy aspect of this design is that it has plenty of open space, such as a balcony on the first floor and a patio on the ground floor. Feeling inspired already, wait! Here are 10 more inspiring ideas for container homes.

​4. Bright Blue Container House

This blue container house is built in the mountains, the shadows of the trees provide shade the house, and it reduces the temperature of the house. The double design provides a lot of living space, and the paved wooden corridor in the front looks classy, especially when decorated with fresh flowers. See how these container houses look so bright and beautiful together.

​5. Stunning giant container house

This massive double-deck container house is divided into the glass part at the bottom and the blue tin part on the first floor, which looks like a toy that has just been enlarged! The bottom design is kept transparent to greatly increase the natural light in the house. The more personal spaces in the house are designed of the first floor, and are great to protect the privacy of homeowners. Quite a thoughtful design indeed!

​6. Fashion home container house

This whole stylish container house also features a basement, a building that combines a studio with living space. Eye-catching orange colored container walls and floor-to-ceiling glass makes it look very attractive. The glass windows allow for natural light and the balconies in front of each room creates a great overall appearance and sets up a personalized space for the youngsters.

​7. Green container house

Who says the container house looks ice-cold? don't you think that this green roof single-storey container house,seem to have a lot more vitality and character. The small open space, lined with greenery looks like a conventional front yard and gives a touch of elegance to this green container house. See another single storey container house, that is high on style.

​8. Safe for children

The intervals between the container houses are simple and straightforward, reducing the corners in the house and making it suitable for children to hop around in the house. The wall of this container house is broken with pieces of wood to effectively  let the house breathe.

Here is the coolest container home you will ever see! Hope you like it.

Do you feel inspired to have your own practical container house, which you could just move as it is when you need to shift?

Here is the coolest container home you will ever see! Hope you like it. Do you feel inspired to have your own practical container house, which you ...

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