15 creative storage ideas for small spaces

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While small houses are easy to manage, and easily affordable, the one issue that people face living in a small apartment is the lack of storage space. We need a lot of storage in the day to day life, to save things we feel might be put to use later. Having extra storage is always a benefit as it allows for some extra space in rooms. With small spaces, you have to be more creative in order to find and make storage space, in a more unconventional manner. The ceiling, the bed, the coffee table, shelves on walls everything can yield some storage, which can be put to use.

This ideabook will help you with 15 small space must-have storage ideas, and you can create some extra storage in your small home.

1. Multi-functional furniture

In the modern cities of today, where each square inch costs you a fortune, having multi-functional furniture makes sense to use the available space in many ways, depending on the requirement and the time of the day. In this picture the wall bed helps to use the room both as a living room and a bedroom. The multi-grid storage cabinet on the sides can be used for the purpose of decoration and storage. 

2. Stack things up

If there is space for only one machine in your kitchen, then you can always stack the machines one on top of another and use the space to the maximum. The space on the top of a machine, is otherwise wasted, but when you have a space crunch already, wastage is not something you can afford. Here the dryer has been stacked with a washing machine to create a tall unit in a small corner.

3. Create spaces under the ceiling

This is a beautiful and very very useful idea to hide clutter and store a lot of things which you do not need on a daily basis. You could store your tools, the extra stock of toilet papers, unopened liquor bottles, the future stock of cleaning agents and toiletries and basically anything that can fit in. You would also cover this space with a sheer curtain or a sliding door made of glass to reflect light while hiding the stored stuff.

4. Built-in wall storage

Having a built in storage in the walls helps you organize your decorative artifacts, and also to store a whole lot of other things which would otherwise take up a lot of space in a cabinet. Choose the wall that is not the structural wall of the house, and get it hollowed to create some functional storage inside them.

5. Space above the bed

There is so much space above and around the bed, which can comfortably be used to store your bedding, your medicines, your laptop and a whole lot of personal stuff including your clothes. When you have a small room, using the bed space for storage is a must, the bed boxes and the space above the bed, accounts for more than two cabinets of space. So utilize! See another similar bedroom storage idea.

6. Storage with the bicycle

Using the creative genius, this storage compartment was designed to fit in the space where the bicycle was stored, and it was used to store all the stuff needed for the cycle. Basically when you get creative, there is just no stopping.

7. Kitchen storage corners

Another idea that ensures max utilization of the kitchen space, is to use the corners effectively. The corner spaces waste a lot of space owing to the problem in opening the corner doors and the inaccessibility to the depth. This design solves both the problems in one go. Here is another way to organize the kitchen cabinets to get a more organized and space effective storage.

8. An iron grid frame

The pots, the pans, the ladle, the wok and all things that have a handle can be easily hung from an iron grid frame hung on the kitchen wall, and will leave a lot of space for storage in the drawers and cabinets. Hanging copper bottom pots in the kitchen also give it a very rustic feel. A perfect idea for the rustic interior lovers. Here are 25 ideas to make the most of a small kitchen.

9. Kitchen in a cabinet

To use the small kitchen space in this apartment, the cabinets were taken up to the ceiling, to use the limited space to the maximum for storage of all kitchen items including the oven, cooking range and sink on just one small wall. The cabinet can be closed to have a full fledged living room to yourself. Here are 8 smart ways to maximize space in small homes.

10. Space under the floor

The floor could be raised up a notch where possible, and the space created underneath can be used to store the less frequently used clothing, bed linens, duvets and blankets. You could also create a step up area in the living room to build such under the floor storage.

11. Storage in coffee table

The coffee table base can be used for storage, fitted with a drawer which can be used to store magazines, remotes, or other delicate decorative stuff, that you do not wish to use on the daily basis, and only like to take out when you are expecting special guests :)

12. Fold-able study with hidden storage

The study table is fixed on the wall, is fold-able to free up the space when not in use. The highlight is the secret storage area on the sides, that can hold your files and books, saving up storage space.

13. Multi-functional cabinet

This cabinet can be doubled as a study table, can be used for storage or for display of beautiful pieces of decoration, by just turning it around. The cabinet has storage on both sides to solve this purpose.

14. Storage under the table

By adding just one more layer under your study table, you can get a lot of storage space to hold your books, notebooks, and all the stationary. It can also act as an organizer for all your study related stuff. 

15. The creative coffee table

Muebles sobre diseño, Weld Weld Modern living room Side tables & trays

There are retractable desks hidden inside this beautiful looking coffee table. The area under the desk is used as storage, and the desks are perfect for three people to work simultaneously. When it comes to storage, creativity can take you a long way. All you need is to think which space can be used better, and you can always find ideas to optimize your storage spaces. Here are 12 fixes for the worst storage problems in your house.

Hope you found these creative storage ideas inspiring. Which one is your favorite?

Here are 12 fixes for the worst storage problems in your house.Hope you found these creative storage ideas inspiring. Which one is your favorite?

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