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24 fabulous ideas to decorate your home without spending a $

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Beautifully decorated do not have to be the ones with the most money invested. The houses with the most beautiful decoration are often those in which their owners have invested time, imagination and a lot of affection. So in this book of ideas we bring to you 24 economic proposals (most of them absolutely free) so that your house reflects your personality and beauty embodied in each of its corners.

1. Wooden boards and pallets

Wooden pallets are in trend, are easily available and are very low in cost. You can even find them on the street! Old wooden boards or pallets can be used to decorate your home in a simple and spectacular way and you can create small furniture with it, on your own. Here are 44 pallet hacks that you can easily copy.

2. An old car.. is it?

An old car in scrapping can serve as a unique seat for your living room. You can take inspiration from this image to carry out this project, to give a quirky and stylish look to your living room. Here are 9 budget friendly ideas that you can copy.

3. Tires

The used tires of your previous car or those tires that you would otherwise throw, when changing them for new ones, can serve you like tray for your house. If not inside, it is a perfect table for your patio. You could even stack two of them together Look how nicely the tire provides stability to this wicker circle!

4. Move furniture

If there is an absolute zero cost alternative to redecorate your house, it is to rearrange the furniture. You do not even have to change everything, with a couple of moves and swaps you can make your home look completely different. Here are 5 more ideas to perk up the atmosphere of your house.

5. Incomplete set of dishes… to the wall!

A design of the private house in the settlement of the closed type .Anarchi&I. Maltsev AnARCHI Kitchen

A design of the private house in the settlement of the closed type .Anarchi&I. Maltsev


We all have broken a plate some time, haven't we? Do not discard those incomplete set of beautiful colorful dishes, rather use them to decorate the wall of your dining room or kitchen. with no cost involved.

6. Pitcher for flowers

Paint an old and useless water jug with bright color and give it a second and more decorated life. Use it as a vase for fresh or artificial flowers, and keep it on the dining table, or on a console at the entrance, and brighten the home up at no cost.

7. Cans as vases

The cans of soda or juice cans that always end up in the garbage can serve as unique and beautiful vases that can be hung from a simple wooden strip, as in the photo. It creates a beautiful look at a negligible cost. You could keep the logos and labels printed on the cans to add some quirkiness too.

8. Jars!

Jams, yogurts, preserves, legumes… Glass jars are a regular thing in kitchens and you can use them for different purposes once they are empty, depending on their size. The large ones can be used as vases, the smaller ones can be filled with colorful stones to create beautiful decorative pieces.

9. Jars can make lamps

You can also create wonderful lamps with those same jars that we mentioned before. The final result is super original, beautiful and can be made colorful using colored lights.

10. Order books by color

If you have a shelf or a small library at home, the best thing you can do is to rearrange your books by colors to enhance the decor of the room. This will create an image of order that is always a pleasure.

11. New life to cartons

Most of us end up throwing away the cartons. You could also arrange and use the cartons to create a lovely little storage in any room. Look at the wonderful book storage you can create without spending anything. Here are a few easy DIY home decor projects to help you get started.

12. Stairway as decoration

Creativity has no limits, a typical old wooden staircase coated with varnish, gave this plain white room a mystic ambiance.You could use this ladder in the living room to hang and display colorful unbreakable decorative pieces, or small flower buckets. You could also use it in the bathroom to hang towels.

13. A table made of books

If you have already read those books or you have more copies of them,  you can give them a new life and turn them into a table as original as this, with a scale of colors that will leave anyone speechless. 

14. Frames for your photos

Use old photo frames to frame any scenery, or anything interesting in color or monotone to give a makeover to your walls. Take advantage of the surplus frames to frame your favorite photos and you can achieve a result as beautiful and striking as this.

15. A blanket changes everything

A blanket in the living room or in the bedroom can radically change the aesthetics of the room. A very economical detail that will make any space more warm (also visually). So put your blankets to good use, and get a redecorated house at no cost.

16. Cushions with your clothes

Cosy Home House Envy Living room
House Envy

Cosy Home

House Envy

If you clean your closet, you will definitely find out clothes that you no longer wear. Some shirts, skirts, trousers or jackets. With all those fabrics you can make some unique covers for your cushions and pillows, and let the guests ask from where you got them!

17. Bicycle hanging

If you are a bike lover, you know that it can also be part of the decor of your home. Placing a hanger for the bike in the hall or in the living room, will have a placeholder to place it without taking up space on floor, and will act as a decorative element in the house.

18. Hangers

There are many materials with which you can create these hangers which look so cool, holding various little decorative items on the wall. You could use tiles, wood and cardboard, depending upon the amount of load you want them to take and hand them to add beauty and color to any plain wall.

19. Planter with new use

If you want to add a touch of warmth to your terrace, reuse a planter (steel or cement are the most advisable) to create a fire pit as beautiful as this. Your garden will look radically different, and you could enjoy a warm evening sitting around the fire with your family. You might like these 14 interesting ideas for gardens and terraces too.

20. Coat rack

You can easily brighten up your garden, balcony or terrace with an old coat rack. All you need to do is to place and hang flowers and plants, and that will give a new life to the exteriors of your house.

21. Christmas Lights

These lights that are stored in the last corner of your house after every Christmas, can serve you to achieve a result as spectacular as this in your very own garden. Perhaps it is a little overdone in the picture here, but having a few will help add color,  warmth and romanticism to the environment.

22. Old trunk

Appleby Oak Wide Ottoman Box The Cotswold Company Country style dining room Wood
The Cotswold Company

Appleby Oak Wide Ottoman Box

The Cotswold Company

That old trunk abandoned in the storage room deserves a new chance, don't you agree? Give one coat of paint and one varnish and use it as extra storage space in your living room or bedroom. Look how good it is at the foot of the bed. You could also add a seat on top of it to make it like couch in front of the bed.

23. Suitcases as small tables

This idea will make you fall in love with it. Old suitcases can be used as bedside tables to add a touch of quirky style and originality to any bedroom. 

24. Trunks as tables

Finally, we offer you this simple idea for both indoor and outdoor. Tree trunks can serve as a table, as a base for pots, as stools, and they look very elegant and rustic… Give them the use you think they fit best!

We are sure you liked these zero cost, and high value ideas to decorate your house. What do you think you want to try first?

We are sure you liked these zero cost, and high value ideas to decorate your house. What do you think you want to try first?

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