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20 small but super stunning country style bedrooms

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AW15 The Cotswold Company Country style bedroom Wood
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Bedroom design is often more simple than the rest of the house, and the simpler the better, because no matter how stylish and luxurious your house is, a bedroom is a place to rest, and should be calming and unpretentious. If there are too many eye-catching design elements in the bedroom, then the focus gets dispersed, so having the bedroom with one single highlight might actually help you focus and relax better.

We highly recommend country-style for bedrooms because they are always filled with comfortable and natural atmosphere, which is sure to lead you to some great dreams. Here are 20 small bedroom designs created by professional designers, you would love.

1. Young and Fresh

First appearance of the bedroom gives a feeling of youth and freshness! Designers did not deliberately cover the ceiling beams, but generously displayed to create a single design focus.

2. Rough brick walls

Oakland Bedroom Collection The Cotswold Company Country style bedroom Wood
The Cotswold Company

Oakland Bedroom Collection

The Cotswold Company

Rough texture of the brick wall is an integral part of the country style design. The bedroom furniture is kept in natural style, matched by a lot of flower pots, which neutralizes the rough look of the wall. Artistic and simple wall paintings with flowers also add to the simple charm and beauty of this bedroom. 

3. Earthen and White

Parisian style Pixers Classic style bedroom Beige

Parisian style


The cargo tray composition is definitely the focal point of this bedroom! The earthen color on the walls and floor of the room create a country atmosphere and harmonizes well with the white decor.

4. Pallet Bed with vivid colors

Yet another bed made of shipping pallet, but this time the colors in the room are kept vivid, to liven up the country feel. A perfect way to perk up the atmosphere of any simple room. 

5. Wood: the protagonist

The bedroom is dominated by wood – wooden flooring leads to good heat insulation, the bed head and the ceiling are all covered in wood to give it a very natural country look. The closet also features a louvered door that is different from the usual designs, giving the room a touch of antiquity.

6. A fireplace

What is comparable to a warm bedroom and bed? Bring a fireplace to the bedroom, and get the rustic country feel right in your bedroom. To have a single focus, the other design elements are kept to a minimal making the atmosphere very relaxing.

7. White and Red

White walls, white decor coupled with some red highlights create a stunning yet simple bedroom. The decor is kept very natural using wooden ladder and a hanging wood pole, which is used to hand towels and clothes, though it looks like an ornament in itself.A creative DIY idea indeed. Here are some more DIY home decor projects for your home.

8. Timber and white

Timber wall with pure white furniture always look great together, especially when the floor is covered with a faux fur carpet, and imitation animal head artifacts hang on the wall. The entire space gives a village hunter house vibe. Love the country style, see this cozy country home that is comfortably chic.

9. Dreamy in white

This dreamlike white bedroom hangs a lot of gauze curtains, with a beautifully upholstered bed and side lamps. A very dreamy and cozy bedroom indeed.

10. With a modern touch

Some simple furniture, stylish lamps, curtains and decorations in the rustic wood bedroom, gives it a unique touch of country meeting modern. Here is another modern country style bedroom in red and white.

11. European country style

This European style bedroom design gives a soothing feel! Everything in this simple bedroom, looks very compatible, harmonious, neutral and earthen.A lot of natural light makes the bedroom look spacious and fresh

12. Add the grays

Grays complement every color well, and with white they bring out the serenity of this simple bedroom even more. The roll up fabric blinds give a very original country feel to this room.

13. Wooden Beams

Wood beams retain a unique country style, while the bedroom itself is designed in a modern style. with grey color in dominance. See a country home with ravishing rustic decor.

14. Retro wood

Bert and May Box Cs photography Rustic style bedroom
Cs photography

Bert and May Box

Cs photography

This retro wood or antique wood style is one of the most popular choices when it comes to country style decor. This combined with some bright wall paintings and minimalist furniture makes this bedroom a treat for the eyes.

15. Stone walls

Stone walls are a rustic style statement in itself, and reminds of many old European-style buildings. A beautiful room, with rustic wooden furniture is a delight to be in.

16. Comfortably white

Ascot White 4ft6 Double Bed The Cotswold Company Country style bedroom
The Cotswold Company

Ascot White 4ft6 Double Bed

The Cotswold Company

This small bedroom looks cool and comfortable! White walls, white bed, white cabinet, a complete monotone that is extremely soothing for the eyes.

17. Fairy Tale Bedroom

Feel like a princess with this gauze curtain drapery around the bed. White and wooden combination with a super comfortable soft bed is all that you need for a great sleep.

18. Add some colors

The ocean blue effect in the bedroom gives it a holiday feel. The checkered carpet looks like a mosaic tile, giving the bedroom a Mediterranean country side appearance.

19. A unique element

Add a unique element to the wall above your bed's headboard and personalize your room your way. 

20. Concrete wall

The wall of this bedroom is different from what we have seen in the past. It has an uneven rough feel of the concrete wall itself and is a stylish, industrial-style design. The hanging lights from the board above is a beautiful idea and adds a subtle charm to the bedroom. See the magic of the modern rustic style here.

A room in country style makes you feel connected to the roots. Which style did you like the most? 

A room in country style makes you feel connected to the roots. Which style did you like the most?
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