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7 commandments to furnish your home with little money

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Furnishing your house is always a task that you take up with enthusiasm. But furnishing your home is not such a simple task, as it seems on the face of it, since it implies a constant decision making that can then influence your lives for years to come. Therefore, if you do not undertake the task of furnishing the house in the right way, the task can turn hard and cumbersome. 

To save furnishing you home from becoming a nightmare, good planning is essential to help you control expenses and not overwhelm you during the process of searching for various complimenting elements. The first step you must take shall be, therefore, to assess the budget you have available to furnish the house. In general, the amount of money available to furnish the house is limited, especially since the furnishing is the last phase in the construction or renovation of a house. Though furnishing is the most visible part of your house, it is the most budget constrained task. If you find yourself in this situation, continue reading this ideabook where we have for you you some simple tips so that the process of furnishing your house is simple and cost effective.

1. Make a list of the essentials

Once you have a clear definition of the budget available for furnishing the house, which, as we have already mentioned, is the first step we must take, we must prepare a list of the elements we absolutely need, establishing an order of priorities.  Differentiate between those essential to start living at home, and those that would be a good to have desired element, so that the house is first equipped with comfort, which is essential. This is even more important when we find ourselves in front of an empty house. Once you have invested in a good house, you should consider filling it little by little and not be overwhelmed by having everything ready from the first day. Here are 6 rookie mistakes to avoid when furnishing your house.

2. Do not forget what you already have

If the house is not completely empty or you have furniture coming from another house or, simply, that you already had in the house or that they have given you, the first thing you should do is to create a small inventory of these items that you already have. You must do it to assess what furniture you need to complement what you already have, but also to see the available space that you would have once the items you have are placed in the respective spaces. For this, having a schematic plan, with general measures, of the house will be of great help. Do this work carefully, and avoid buying furniture in a hurry, so that you do not have to carry pieces that you just could not fit into the house properly.

3. Be Proportional

Proportionality is essential in many aspects of this phase of furnishing. Proportionality between the size of the furniture that we place and the dimensions of the room that we are furnishing. Proportionality also in the price of the elements chosen, that is to say that the investment in the different pieces of furniture is always according to the utility and visibility of the item. Proportionality and balance is also important in terms of the stylistic proposal. This does not mean that you have to bet on a single decorative style for all the furniture, but you do need look for harmony between the designs and colors chosen, so that the house looks balanced and harmonious like the one in this image.

4. Invest in multi-functional furniture

In general, you should keep in mind that in this initial phase where you have a very limited budget you should worry only about the indispensables to be able to live in each of the rooms comfortably and go about completing the decoration with only the necessary accessories. There will be time, in later phases, to incorporate new pieces of furniture really adapted to your needs at the time. In this sense, if those pieces of furniture that you have placed first on the list of priorities are flexible and multi-functional, they will make it easier for you to use each room. Convertible furniture, as the coffee table of the image, or as the sofa with the possibility of multi-positions that we showed you in the previous image allows you more usability and value for your money. You would love this round multi-functional table, as a storage and a table.

5. Use soft cushions and rugs

If we talk about accessories, one of the most important are cushions and rugs, perfect for any living area. These elements not only decorate and make the rooms more cozy, they also serve to introduce a note of color, incorporate fresh prints, make the space more comfortable or help you to pep up the appearance of your room at a low cost. They are accessories that can even serve to make the room setup more flexible so that with a quick re-positioning, you can have a changed look to your room. Using imagination is essential when thinking about what resources to use to expand the possibilities of decorating your home without investing large amounts of money.

6. DIY Mindset

The imagination should be put at the service of whatever you have at hand, and that you can take advantage of, to furnish the house, saving you a lot of money that you could invest in another element. For example, when it comes to receiving gifts of pieces of furniture that you can transform or restore yourselves. With this attitude, you can give a new life to an old piece of furniture, and put it to use in a decorative way to add uniqueness and creativity to your home decor. Here are 23 DIY projects that you can do at your home today.

7. Create storage areas

Making your own storage spaces is one of the simplest and most useful tasks that you can undertake with this DIY mentality (do it yourself), even without any prior experience. Using pallets, so fashionable these days, boxes of fruit like the ones we see here or any other element that is resistant and stackable, you can create furniture that helps you maintain order at home. Bookcases, shelves, furniture, shoe storage etc. They will be great allies to organize your home and create original and very personal interiors. See 7 steps to trendy DIY shelves for storage. Also here are some more ideas to furnish a home on a small budget.

Have you found the tips for furnishing your home with little money helpful?

Have you found the tips for furnishing your home with little money helpful?
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