35 simple yet charming garden designs

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A great garden does not need to have hundreds of plants and ponds and other complex design elements! In fact, you can also create a lawn-free garden, or use potted plants to decorate your yard.

Here are 35 not too complicated yet totally charming garden designs, which are sure to charm you with their beauty. If you wish to talk to a professional garden designer then you can contact us with our free consultation form.

1. Lining the path

The full-fledged perennial foliage on both sides of the path, makes it look like a green garden path. These plants usually do not require too much of a maintenance and sunlight and are easy to sustain, so you have a low maintenance garden feel each time you cross the path.

2. Creative garden floor

You will not miss any flowers if you focus on the beautiful garden floor itself. Here in this picture the black and white stones filled in a pattern add a unique and personal touch to the garden.

3. Tropical Style

Palm trees can add a tropical flavor to the garden, and they offer a huge variety in leaves and sizes. Palm trees are easy to maintain, require less water and pruning and make the garden look lush with their textured foliage.

4. Love seat in the garden

This is a small garden with small shrubs and fragrant flowers, the rough and rustic look of the garden is countered by the green colored love seat, which is the highlight of the garden.

5. Vertical Garden

A garden on the wall or a vertical garden is a good choice to create a neat and tidy space, without taking much space on the floor of the garden. A great option when you actually do not have garden space in your home, yet want to have greenery. Here are 37 great ideas to have a vertical garden at home.

6. Gravel floor garden

Green and pruned shrubs dot the garden, contrasting with the light-colored gravel floor, which makes the garden look neat and charming. A small colorful seating arrangement in this white floored garden looks beautiful.

7. Ivy on the walls

A simple green wall can be created by making a ivy rise up the wall, as in this picture. In addition to the green ivy, the walls  are also painted with a colorful pattern, creating a garden feel all along the pathway.

8. Cactus in the garden

This is a tropical garden in South America, with some landscaping using rocks, rustic chairs and a liberal use of cacti. Cacti is the plant that needs the least maintenance, and endures extreme climatic conditions with ease. It adds a beautiful texture to the garden and makes the garden look exotic and rustic. You would love these 10 sensational pictures of rock gardens.

9. Planting Fruit trees

This garden is richly planted with red alpine plants, but in addition to these beautiful red colored flowers, there is a fruit tree on the side too. Planting fruit trees in the garden can attract cute birds to visit your house!

10. Minimalist Garden

A garden with a mowed and trimmed grass hardly needs anything much. Here a small tree with some plants at the base act like a highlighter to this beautiful garden.

11. Climber Garden

This is another wall garden that is made with climbing plants and fruit trees. It makes the plain wall look ornamental.

12. Japanese Garden

Japanese garden has a unique appearance with some mandatory elements like gravel, greens and water. You can create a Japanese inspired garden by including these elements in your garden. Here are 10 reasons why you need a zen garden.

13. A potted garden

This square box of 4 pots has been decorated to create a mini floral garden. After planting beautiful flowers in it, it can enhance the beauty of any place instantly.

14. Pool Garden

The pool garden makes the entire outdoor space more casual, natural and more enjoyable!

15. Evergreen tree

If there is possibility, plant some trees, you could even get a mid sized tree transplanted in your existing garden. Put it in your garden, and enjoy the fresh air.

18. Mediterranean style garden

The beauty of this garden is that it has many mini design elements, such as a small vertical garden and a mini pool in the corner, and the colors give a Mediterranean country feel to the place.

17. Just the climbers

Although the climbers looks good, by virtue of its vitality and rapid growth, so remember to keep them regularly pruned, otherwise within a month the entire wall can be occupied by them.

18. A green garden

A simple green garden with lots of plants makes people feel good! Put some simple table small chairs and tables, and you have an easy charming garden for you.

19. Stone Benches

You can use a stone bench as the center of attention of your garden.

20. Wooden benches

You could also use wooden benches, in straight simple lines to make the your garden comfortable and cozy.

21. Plants, stones and wood

In this garden, a variety of plants in the small garden looks so charming. In addition, wooden garden scaffolding is equally appealing.

22. Flowers are always in

A flower garden full of pink flowers, looks so bright and photogenic.

22. A round table on a platform surrounded by greens

Set in the mood of an outdoor round table party, with a few chairs to facilitate your family enjoy leisure time in the garden.

24. Placement is the key

In the garden, simple use of red brown pots have created magic, adding a beautiful contrast to the green grass and gravel. Here are 5 DIY ways to a perfectly planted container garden.

25. Select the right plants

You could even make your garden give the feeling of the suburbs of the park, with the right selection of plants.

26. Bright Colors

Bright colors of flowers always make people feel better. A special mention for romantic purple lavender, which look beautiful grow tall, add texture and have a beautiful aroma.

27. A mirror in garden

Create a calm mirror with water, and have the positive energy of Zen flow right into your home. Here is the best ways to get water into your garden.

28. Palms and bright colors

You can combine the mini palm trees with bright colorful flowers and thick shrubs and create a beautiful tropical garden.

29. A garden that has everything

Although this garden is not lawn, but has very rich design elements, such as row of stone walls, mirrored pond, with big stones inside and poolside lights, surrounded by greens. It just has everything for a mesmerising time out in the open.

30. Tall flowering plants

The selection of the plants to decorate your house, can effectively make the appearance of the house more prominent.

31. Wooden deck

If you are not a grass lover, or think it is too much of maintenance, a wooden deck is the ideal alternative to lawn.

32. White and Blue

Blue pool with white gravel and green plants also match, to create an extraordinary design contrast.

33. Don't miss the curves

Build a row of couch benches in a curvy shape under the tree to make your garden more beautiful and provide a comfortable sitting area.

34. Just the pots

Arranging multiple pots, simply by their height and color is yet another idea to make a mess free garden in little space.

35. Garden on wooden shelves

The use of wooden shelves to arrange plants is also a very good idea, it complements the wooden furniture well. 

Do you also want to create a modern style garden? Here are 8 DIY garden projects you can conquer in a weekend.

What is your favorite garden design?

Do you also want to create a modern style garden? Here are 8 DIY garden projects you can conquer in a weekend. What is your favorite garden design?

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