This living room in neutral colors re-defines elegance

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Living room is the center of the home, and most of the times that is the only area of the house that your guests might probably see or be in. In order to make a great impression on your guests and friends, you should invest the largest part of your decoration budget on your living room, where you and your guests will be spending the maximum time. This living room designed in neutral colors looks elegant and classy. Ready for a tour?

View from the distance

The living room occupies a big area of the house and appears quite warm, credits to the choice of colors. The earthen shades right from light beige to brown and rust all add warmth to the room's ambiance. You would not miss this wooden frame, that adds as a subtle partition between the hallway and the living room, without obstructing the view at all. The overall impact is of a large formal meeting hall where many people can sit together for some great time in a beautiful and peaceful place. Here is how you can also create a warm living room.

The curved table

One can not help but appreciate the beautifully curved wooden table that flows along with the curve of the couch, ornamented with elegant and delicate crystal decorative artifacts. The table creates a subtle partition between the living room and the dining room, without it being much visible, and also acts as a place to keep the glasses when sitting on the couch. See 9 warm and modern living rooms in beige.

View from the side

The living room looks absolutely regal from this side, owing to the beautiful concealed lighting in the ceiling, and neutral toned upholstery, and the elegant decoration. The tufted back couches give this whole set up a very comfortable and cozy feel, where you could just curl up with a throw and spend relaxing time. Planning to refurnish, please read these 6 rookie mistakes to avoid when furnishing your home.

Large Windows

This living room allows a lot of natural light, owing to the panoramic large windows, draped with neutral sheer curtains, which would diffuse the light and create privacy if you desire. The view from the window is too beautiful to close the drapes though, with beautiful pruned and symmetrical trees lined along the wall. The neutral sofa and neutral rug make the whole room look spectacularly soft and charismatic. Here is everything you need to know about large windows.

A hint of color

The beautiful glass center table is adorned with green and gold elegant artifacts, that add a subtle color tint in the living room. This the only color from any other color family apart from the neutrals and earthen and that makes these decorative beauties stand out and sparkle even more. When it comes to ideas, Homify has unlimited. Here are 30 inspiring ideas for your living room.

Hope you found the inspiration you were looking for, to renovate your living room with neutral colors. Tell us what you liked th best about this room.

Hope you found the inspiration you were looking for, to renovate your living room with neutral colors. Tell us what you liked th best about this room.

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