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A simple guide to rustic home style

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Dröm Living Scandinavian style dining room
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We are spoiled for choice when it comes to design styles for our homes. Whether it’s for the exterior façades or the interior spaces, there’s a world of possibilities waiting to help us show off our personal styles and tastes. Today we’d like to focus on one of those options: the charming rustic style.

But shame on anyone who thinks that rustic is synonymous with old, ugly, and ruins! Yes it’s true, the rustic style can remind a lot of us of our grandparents’ houses, but that doesn’t pigeon-hole it simply to that era. The rustic style is fast becoming a modern trend followed by many homeowners worldwide (not just those living out in rural areas), and is a favourite among many designers and architects. 

One very important element present in rustic designs is wood. Whether it’s the floor, a bench or table, or simply a few decor objects, wood is a delightful essence when it comes to a rustic house. So don’t be surprised to encounter this pleasant element in all of our examples below.

Let’s continue with our tips on how to boost the rustic style of your house!

A wooden staircase

We've said it before, and we’ll say it again: a staircase is so much more than mere steps from floor A to B. They can be the highlight of a room (or house), as well as the starring element in your rustic-styled interior.

See our example above. Rectangular blocks of wood (in a sexy brown tone) arranged sequentially against a striking stone wall. Add modern glass plates for a railing and you have a stunning staircase that can fit equally perfect into a modern or rustic house. 

Notice that the glass, although a gorgeous addition, doesn't distract from the beauty of the wood and stone. 

While we’re busy with stairs, let’s take a look at these: Awesome Spiral Staircases Designs.

Beauty for the bathroom

Don’t think of your bathroom as the place that you’d like to hide from guests. The right elements can dramatically boost its aesthetic qualities and turn it into a striking rustic space. 

See our example above: is that a bathtub or a stunning hot tub? Notice the large mirrors. And we love the natural light flowing in through a dramatic skylight. All of this, plus a gorgeous dose of wood adorning the space and its elements, from the stunning floor to the breathtaking ceiling beams. Add white porcelain and a creamy tone for the walls, and we have a rustic bathroom that borders on spa-like perfection. 

Some candles complement the rustic style beautifully, creating a warm and comfy atmosphere (what else would you expect for your bathroom?).

Faded wood for the furniture

Our next tip focuses on your rustic furniture. Wood is the answer! But we don’t mean plain and perfectly glossed wooden surfaces. Think rough textures and uneven shades for your timber furniture. And don’t believe for one second that furniture limits you to tables and chairs. We have bookshelves, coffee tables, closets, mirror frames… the list is quite endless! 

Check out our example by Spanish interior designers Dröm Living – they chose the floor, dining table and benches to show off that faded timber, and coated all of them in stunning, natural hues that truly separates the dining room from the rest of the house. 

And just to tip the scales ever so slightly to the modern side, a black ceiling lamp, grey walls, and white chairs were added for effect. Notice how the light colours (greys, whites, creams and beige) add a soft, dreamy vibe to the room, firmly establishing that you don’t need harsh and bold tones to perfectly pull off the rustic style.

Brick is brilliant

From a world of paint colours to a multitude of wallpapers, we really have no excuse to leave a wall bare. Ah, but what about ditching the colours and patterns for a more raw appearance? 

Case in point our dining space above, with the beauty of the brick wall serving as a real stunner. An ever-increasing trend is to leave brick walls bare and open, with just a spot of wall decor here and there. This can be seen in numerous design styles, from rustic and urban to the most modern houses on the block. 

Think of leaving a brick wall exposed as homage to the stone houses of times gone by. While paying respect to our ancestors, we are also firmly establishing our support for the latest trends of the moment.  

To break the neutral tones a bit, our designers above have opted for a Baby Blue dining table that superbly complements that brick backdrop.

Some colourful tiles

We’re still on the topic of walls, yet we've moved on from brick to tiles. Seeking a rustic touch for your kitchen, yet want to incorporate some modern, fun and cheerful elements as well? We have three words for you: colourful Mediterranean tiles. 

Is there any more perfect way to start the day than by enjoying your breakfast and extra strong coffee with a cheery backdrop as shown above? We have reds, blues, purples, oranges… cold tones and warm hues playfully mixing and matching! It is quite risky to mix so many colours, yet you know what they say: nothing ventured, nothing gained. Brazilian architect Raquel Junqueira took a bold leap with this touch for the kitchen, and it paid off beautifully!  

Inspire those culinary senses with our enchanting assortment of kitchens here on homify.

The look of logs

Wooden logs for your furniture. Harder to acquire, sure, but not impossible! A carefully crafted log can enhance your space perfectly, but there are things to consider. The trunk needs to be well sanded (on the inside, as well as on the sides). In addition, the right colour needs to be picked to fit in with your surroundings. Luckily, Mother Nature wasn't shy when it came to dishing out timber colours. 

Adding a slim glass surface to the log table ensures some practicality, as well as a modern touch to your coffee table (but don’t worry: the log texture firmly places this table in the rustic section). And notice how the light colours in the background (the walls and large sofa) help the table to stand out that much more. homify-approved, for sure!

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