10 Home office ideas to make you love your work-place | homify 10 Home office ideas to make you love your work-place

10 Home office ideas to make you love your work-place

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As more and more people choose to work from home, one thing you definitely need in your home is a study or a home office. A good work space can increase your work efficiency manifold, so in order to maximize the work efficiency at home, we provide 10 home office design ideas, that will make you love your work-place.

1. Home office in monotone

This small home office looks simple yet attractive. The walls and furniture are designed in monochrome, with the chair an exception that complements the wooden flooring. The beautiful lamp on the table adds light and focus to the table. See yet another home office in monotone.

2. An office by the window

A desk facing the window is the best choice. But if the sun is too strong at noon or too hot, adjustable shades curtain is a great savior! The curtains can be chosen as per your color theme and the translucency can be adjusted by choosing appropriate fabric. Find more inspiration in this grey home office.

3. A home office with no windows

If you can not have the desk by the window, you could always choose a lamp as long the desk,  and bright enough to illuminate your entire working area nicely. A well lit study table improves the concentration and makes you feel alert and attentive.

4. A peaceful home office design

開放式書架展示你的藏書 磨設計 Study/office



This beautiful home office looks absolutely calm and peaceful. A simple and long table, neatly arranged books, a long hanging light and a hollow in the wall to allow some natural light through designed glass looks tasteful and unique. The furniture is kept to a minimal, to add to the sense of calmness and peace.

5. An office by the living room

When you can not have a separate room for the home office, you can always have it by the living room, facing any wall that suits you. Here in this picture the home owner was fortunate to have a glass window wall on the side to allow a lot of natural light right on to the table. The table and chair in white perfectly complement the living room furniture. Have a look at this majestic office cum living room in white color.

6. Full fledged home office

This home office not only has a small balcony, it also has tall, floor to ceiling windows to create an ambiance of freshness and brightness in the room. This home office has cabinets both with and without doors. The simplistic furniture makes this dedicated home office look modern and classy.

7. A home office for a couple

賀澤室內設計 HOZO_interior_design homify Study/office

賀澤室內設計 HOZO_interior_design


This home office looks very unique in terms of the colors and the rustic grey atmosphere that exudes serenity. The bookshelves on the table in simple grey lines look absolutely rustic and stylish. The wooden chairs look beautiful and add to the charm of this grey office. See an exotic home office in grey.

8. A cozy home office

新澄室內設計 homify Study/office



A small space that is used for all things related to study, a couch by the window for reading, a low seat for a quiet cup of coffee and the smart chairs in unique style to work on the straight table. The wall on the lamp saves space on the table and allows easy cleaning. When you have an office like this, why would you want to go out?

9. Small space, simple office

This small office looks like a den, for someone who does not like to be disturbed when working. The simple colors of the room are highlighted by the blue curtain and the blue chair that add a subtle highlight and a streak of color to the small office. The wall sized bookshelf at the back adds to the beauty of this office that offers perfect solitude. Here is the perfect den you would love to see.

10. A stylish office

Somewhat industrial, and somewhat quirky, this looks like the office of a fun loving person who would listen to music, and needs to be inspired by a lot of creativity for his work. The beautiful globe light just steals the show and looks stunning in this stylish home office.

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Want to transform your study? Let us know your thoughts!
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