This modern house in the woods is the perfect escape | homify This modern house in the woods is the perfect escape

This modern house in the woods is the perfect escape

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A house in the woods, beside the lake, that is the stuff the great stories are made of! However, a house like this can be made in real life as well. Today we have for you a beautiful modern house, located in the woods by the lake, that is a perfect escape from the hustle bustle of routine city life. Lets us take you for a tour of this calm and serene modern house.

The view from a distance

Can you notice the beautiful house, surrounded by tall green trees near the lake. A house like this would be relaxing and refreshing with fresh air loaded with oxygen to rejuvenate your body and your senses. The grey exterior of the house does not disturb the natural environment that it is located in, and blends with it.

The exterior of the house

The grey and brown combination of the house, retains the natural environment that the house is located in. The tall glass forms the wall of the living room and kitchen, that will let you gaze at the beautiful surroundings all the while you are inside.The grey color makes the house look extremely classy and modern.

The Balcony

A house in such a beautiful surrounding needs to have a balcony, to absorb the beauty in your eyes while you feel the fresh breeze coming over the lake and through the trees. This small balcony is a perfect place to spend a quiet evening while enjoying a cup of hot coffee amidst the beautiful natural surroundings.

The entrance

The entrance is very simple, yet it stands out in terms of its quirk value. The cycles that serve the purpose of riding along the lake and in the woods stored near the entrance in a decorative manner, making the entrance look modern and stylish. The wide door looks appealing and allows a  lot of fresh sunlight and air inside the house. When you want your home's entrance to create an impression, here are 15 novel ideas for a terrific entrance.

The living room

Just near the entrance is this minimalist yet modern living room, with a couch, chairs and a fireplace. The wall length glass makes the living room appear large and illuminated. The simple grey couch decorated with colorful cushions add liveliness to the otherwise subtle and neutral room. If you are planning to have such a house, here is how you can furnish your living room while keeping it minimal.

The kitchen and dining

Just along the living room is a small dining area, and a kitchen with a wooden counter top, and stainless steel fittings. The white kitchen cabinets add a subtle contrast to the majorly wooden ambiance of this modern living room. The entire area illuminated by natural light in abundance makes it look bright and fresh. Here is yet another light filled kitchen that you would love to see.

The bedroom

The bedroom is located on the first floor, keeping it away from the living and the kitchen, so that when you relax you actually relax. The bed is small and cozy and you can just look down the glass railing at the dining area. The bedroom is minimalist, with a cozy bed and just three walls, to always keep you in touch with the nature from one side.

A small study

Well, sometime you just can't leave your work behind. For those times, and for the times when you want to read in a quiet corner there is also a provision of a small study room, that will allow you some quiet time, even when you are with your friends and family to find the true solace that you were looking for. Here is another study designed in a small area, just to give you an idea.

Bathroom close to nature

The bathing area on the first floor has large glass sliding door, to let you exploit the natural surroundings fully when there are no intruders and onlookers around. There is provision of blinds from the inside, so you can have your bath the way you want it open or closed. The bathroom walls are covered with simple white tiles keeping your focus on nature at all times.

For more inspiration see another forest home to really relax in

Are you looking for your own little cottage in the woods. Let us know your ideas, and we are there to help!

Are you looking for your own little cottage in the woods. Let us know your ideas, and we are there to help!
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