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Building a house is never a fast process, but honing in on the style of property that you want to live in forever is the first major decision you need to make. Modern, grand or minimalist, your style preferences are your own but one design that will always make an impact and retain classic elegance is a log home. 

Take a look at these ideas for perfecting your log home plans and see if you could be tempted to take inspiration from our Swedish friends.

Chic cladding

Naturally, the main component of any log home plans will be wood and how to use it to not only best suit your tastes, but also accommodate for your surroundings and needs. This fantastic example shows cladding made from logs attached to the outside of a simplistic structure, giving it not only an injection of personality but also helping to blend it in with the surrounding greenery. As the wood ages, it will take on a subtler hue and allow the house to become effortlessly camouflaged, while still being protected from the elements. Simple beauty at its best, the Scandinavians really know how to design a home!

Fun feature

When finalising your log home plans, don't forget to think about your outdoor space and how best to integrate it with your permanent structure. Here we see a fun and playful addition from Kristina Markovic Design, with logs having been cut and used as a structural wall building material to create a patio space perfectly complimentary to any log home. Some people might say that you can have too much of a good thing, but with wood being such a versatile and varied natural material, no two pieces will ever be identical, so we think that more is always better!

Sympathetic surroundings

We love this interior shot for showing just how beautiful log homes are on the inside, as well as the outside. Offering a bright, clean and neutral space, log home plans often incorporate furniture made from the same material as the building itself in an attempt to meld the two facets of a home together. Here we see exactly that, with the dining table and walls being constructed of the same wood and marrying perfectly together. Rather than looking too stark, everything looks natural together and provides a perfect platform for exciting design choices, such as the beautiful light shade and eye catching blind.

Wonderful wood

It's no secret that wood is a warm and welcoming material that seems to soak up the sun and make for a comfortable and beautiful home, but this example really demonstrates the point. The deep golden glow of the house exterior here is a case in point as to why so many people are favouring log home plans. Not only are they beautiful, they can be far more ecologically responsible, when timber is sourced sustainably and offer a combination of tradition and modernity that few other styles can. Stunning!

Different directions

Log home plans can run the risk of looking a little too simple and resembling a sauna more than a relaxing home, but thanks to clever design techniques, this can be easily avoided. We love the use of two different shades of wood here, as well as the cladding featuring two directions. By splitting the vast expanse of cladding into two, the home feels far more dynamic, welcoming and less perfunctory. The unique roof design also personalises the build further and we can imagine a living roof installation being the perfect addition here and adding to the naturally insulating properties of the wooden walls.

Beautiful box

Pit house UID Modern houses

Pit house


What an example of just how amazing log home plans can be. Imagine for one second that you have told your architect that you are looking to create a simple but beautiful log home and they design this for you; utopia on earth! The breathtakingly and deceptively simple design here brings log homes into the space age, but holds onto tradition thanks to the use of the natural wood. No frills, no gimmicks, just simple living at its best, which is what log homes are all about; using the materials at hand and in the most straightforward and practical way possible. 

Peek inside

Log cabin garden room interior Garden Affairs Ltd Scandinavian style garden
Garden Affairs Ltd

Log cabin garden room interior

Garden Affairs Ltd

Though many people that favour log home plans will also want to install vast quantities of wooden furniture inside to give a cohesive feel, it is by no means a rule that you have to. What a fantastic contrast the red accents are in this living room, in both leather and wool. In fact, by introducing other materials, especially in vibrant colours, the interior cladding appears to melt into the background and almost take a back seat. Though always there to provide structural support and insulation, it is so malleable that it happily gives way to personal design tastes and allows a house to become an individual home.

All out

When working with a theme in mind, some people REALLY work with a theme in mind! Here we see not only traditional log home plans in situ, but this plan has clearly been created to include a very specific interior brief. While many log homes will have interior cladding that is flat, to allow for a more 'blank canvas' background for future decorating, this property has really gone all out for the rounded log idea. Stunning and individual, this really does show the natural beauty of the materials being used, while minimising wastage and we are big fans of the finish!

Simply sawn

Pared back, light and beautiful, this is an example of why log home plans really tempt people in! With the installation of a woodburner, some simple furniture and unique glassware, this log home is the antithesis of why wooden homes scream of style and effortless chic. While on paper the idea of using vast amounts of the same wood throughout would give the impression of a sauna or a ski chalet, in reality a charming and very covetable space has been created that offers warmth, character and a wonderful quality of living.

Princely plans

If a simple and pared back chalet style of log home plans are not for you and you would prefer to create something altogether more grandiose, why not give some consideration to a log home with a difference? This lavish example of a large and open plan log home shows just what is possible with some imagination and a generous budget. No luxury has been spared here and the decor is eminently 'woodland' based, allowing for a natural cohesion of building and decorating materials that creates a welcoming, impressive and irresistible log home that is perfect for entertaining guests.

For more wooden home inspiration, take a look at this ideabook: Timber clad houses.

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