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14 Small indoor courtyards that do not take much space

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Do you ever wish you had a spacious courtyard in your home? The modern houses have limited space and hardly offer any opportunity to have big open spaces inside the house. However, if you can make good use of space, you can plan a small courtyard indoors, which not only makes the atmosphere more dynamic, it looks beautiful too! If you want to create a beautiful, less space consuming courtyard feeling in your home, you will definitely find this ideabook useful.

Let us have a look!

1. Vertical garden

Vertical gardens created on walls, do not take up floor space at all, and they immediately give the room full vitality, freshness, color and beauty. Here are 37 ways to grow a vertical garden.

2. Small Oasis

The entire wall with a variety of hanging plant pots, transforms the corridor space into a small green oasis,.

3. Semi-outdoor space

This is an awning in the patio that has been transformed into a little rustic courtyard by using old furniture to decorate the plants on. You can also hang potted plants on the wall, and organize them in steps along the wall to create a beautiful semi open courtyard.

4. Indoor garden

When you do not have any open space to utilize, you could just line up and arrange indoor plants in the corner of the living room, to create a small green indoor garden for the courtyard.

5. Under the stairs

The space left under the staircase is a great place to make a small courtyard where you can simply place potted plants or soil and plant your favorite plants. You might enjoy seeing these 12 space saving courtyard gardens under the stairs.

6. Scenic Area

If you have a small atrium with a skylight, you can make use of big glass windows to create a brilliant view of the area.

7. Use the greenery outside

Take advantage of the large floor-to-ceiling windows that allow outdoor areas to look like indoors. You can see a variety of green plants outside the window which creates a courtyard feel into the room.

8. Create a focal point

You can grow a unique shaped tree directly in the middle of the common space in your home, creating a bright and beautiful focal point in the room.

9. Cactus row station

If you love textures and colors, then use cactus to line the windows. Cactus requires very less maintenance and water and is a slow growing plant, that looks and stays same for a long period of time.

10. Zen style

Plan a small area in the corner of the corridor entrance, plant simple trees, and immediately distribute Zen.

11. Casual style

Instead of looking for a stylized design, place potted plants in a creative manner and enjoy the green corners for courtyards.

12. Atrium

Create an atrium to utilize the space between the walls as a small courtyard. See yet another little courtyard that you will like.

13. Harmonious picture

Create a small outdoor courtyard by using large potted plants and some clean open space where you could just add some chairs and enjoy the fresh atmosphere. Love container gardens, here are 5 ways to create a perfectly planted container garden.

14. Zen style landscaping

You can consult the experts and get them to create a Zen courtyard for you in the small corner of the atrium, the most perfect source of positive energy for your home.

If you love open spaces, see this courtyard house of dreams!

Are you feeling inspired to create a refreshing courtyard in your house? Let us know which one you would want it to be?

Are you feeling inspired to create a refreshing courtyard in your house? Let us know which one you would want it to be?
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