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8 great ideas for houses with uneven floors

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In the current era of having everything within a single floor plan at one level,  it is a little difficult to find houses in which the rooms are at different heights, connected with each other by one or two steps, and sometimes there are different heights within the same room itself. If you have a house with this type of unevenness, there are two options. Either you can regularize the floor with soil (wherever possible), which would mean an enormous economic expense or decide to integrate these different heights in the most creative, conciliatory and functional way possible. Let us see 8 ideas for houses with uneven interiors.

1. Continuity of styles for different environments

Richmond Full House Refurbishment A1 Lofts and Extensions Living room
A1 Lofts and Extensions

Richmond Full House Refurbishment

A1 Lofts and Extensions

We clearly see two different environment and between both, two steps and a gate. In fact, the only thing that stands out clearly is that space of passage, where the walls sport a very retro wallpaper. While the rest of the elements, the wooden floor, the color of the walls, the lamps, mark a certain stylistic continuity, just as the one with light coming from the window in the background through the door that connects the rooms.

This is a good example of how you can integrate different heights between rooms with steps. Everything can be a continuum, although there can always be some element (here that is retro wallpaper) that indicates that you leave one room and enter another.

2. Floors covered with light and minimalist wood

Another example that we have from a Japanese house, shows us that even though a house may have different levels, that does not mean that it can not have a uniform aspect. Here we see a minimalist aesthetic, governed by wood and light. These two elements dominate the entire area of the house. It is a Japanese house, and here the height is considerable between what would be resting area and the kitchen and living room or the central space. However, everything is integrated by using the same material and by the light that bathes everything entering through a large window. That is how there is a unified atmosphere in this house in unevenness. Here too the living room is separated from the resting room by the help of a step.

3. Dining room in unevenness

Let's have a look at this house present in Hong Kong. This house is dominated by the most current design and the most propitious materials like steel, metal, glass and cement, all combined with straight lines and technology. This design has led to generate several heights, from the kitchen to the garage, and the dining area in the center acts as the common platform for all the different levels. Here the idea is to transform the uneven interiors concept into different plans in the same house, all tremendously modern. In this example see how the steps from the kitchen at lower level lead to living room.

4. Simple, elegant and contemporary lines

Here we have a very different example, where the different levels of the pavement serve to highlight different spaces. We enter the interior through small stairs and come to a dining room and adjoining living room. These are rooms at a lower height, and we need to climb some new stairs that lead to the terrace. See 6 ways to separate the kitchen from the living room.

5. Combination of materials to emphasize textures and contrasts

This idea is radically different than the rest. Here the designers have taken complete advantage of the different levels within a home to play with materials, colors and textures. You can see a range of materials such as wooden steps, glass rails, polished stoneware floors, walls of plaster, coatings reminiscent of stone. And yet, everything is designed to combine harmoniously. And that is the idea that we want to give you here. You can think of any decoration in different colors and textures, but it is a much easier solution in the event that you have different levels in the house. Why? Because you have different points of view and perspective that make these combinations meaningful. 

6. Environments together but not mixed

If in the previous one we talked about different views of the whole, here we are going to give you an example of how to work each environment individually, but in the end that is not an impediment to harmonious union. To do this we highlight the presence of different levels of height with the placement of furniture that act as a physical or visual division between different environments, yet maintaining the continuity. Here are 7 creative ways to define spaces without walls.

7. A room with two very different spaces

This is a good idea for the use of a small step, both in a living room and in a bedroom. A small step creates an elevated space, which may be ideal for creating a small study or work area. While it is a high space next to the bedroom, it may also be the best place to create a dreamy dressing room there. With the use of a single step, you can isolate that small office or the dressing room, and an ideal thing could be a sliding or folding door that plays with that step. See yet another division of space inside the house by using a single step.

8. Levels that mark roads

In this image there are elevated levels of the pavement that have been used to create the passage area between the rooms. Even the pavement between the living room, and those raised corridors are different, so that its function is still more emphasized. In fact there is a whole set of pavements with this proposal, since the corridor, the steps or the bottom staircase, each one has different textures and heights. Undoubtedly, a very attractive and functional resource to make the most of the houses with interior unevenness. 

Did you ever imagine that some steps could add so much depth to the interior design of a house?

Did you ever imagine that some steps could add so much depth to the interior design of a house?
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