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Things to consider before buying a garage

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Should we buy a garage? This question arises in many homes in large cities thickly populated with people . Parking problems are the order of the day, and it is one of those few things that make you feel desperate when get home after a hard day's work and take a while, while finding a spot to be able to park on the street.

There is also a case when you already have a garage and are used to the comfort that a garage offers, so when you buy a second vehicle at home and suddenly you have to worry about parking, the world falls on you. I guess you know better by now, why you need a garage. In this ideabook we wish you guide you how to go about buying one, taking into account both the possible frauds and the essential bureaucratic procedures that must be met.

Attention to legalities

In today's world fraudsters can be present anywhere in society, and of course they may also be among those who want to sell you a garage. You do not have to go through life in permanent mistrust, but you have to be cautious.

After searching and looking for parking spaces in the area that you need it, once you have finally found the garage that suits your needs and your budget, you need to meet the seller and  discuss the purchase-sale. Well, make sure everything is in order. The most efficient step in this regard is to request a simple note in the Property Registry about that garage. Property Registry department will inform you that the seller is actually the legal owner of the garage in question. You can also advance and seek information from the president of the community if that garage is up to date with all payments and there are no dues from the owner of the garage. See these 6 extraordinary garages to store your car.

1st step to buy a garage: notarial certificate

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Once you see everything clear and you are sure of the purchase, you have to formalize it. If it is a real estate agent everything will be much easier, but it is very possible that you will need to deal with a private individual. Therefore, to endorse the transaction, you can advance a money signal to make sure that the seller is not going to back down. To have security of your money, you should sign a deposit agreement in which the commitment and payment is recorded.

And after that you have to formalize it in a notary. The notary will include the document that proves that the real estate or parking space that you purchases are free of debts and dues. If the notary discovers unpaid charges or taxes in records then you can stop the operation. Else if everything is correct, you can leave the notary with the deed of your new garage and the keys, after having paid the rest of the agreed price and the fees of the notarial office. A garage can be of great utility, see this fantastic home that was once a garage.

2nd step to buy a garage: Tax payment

To get up to date with the taxes that you have to pay, you have a period of 30 days from the date of purchase. And the amount of tax depends on the Autonomous Community where you live and whether it is a new or second-hand garage. The tax amount is more for newly constructed garage, and lesser for second hand garage.

The taxes vary from time to time and with area and location, so it is best to check the website of each community and download the corresponding tax filing forms from there. Here is a spectacular looking garage that you would like.

3rd step to buy a garage: Register it in the register

Once you have the receipts of the settlement of the taxes and your deed of purchase stamped in the Tax Agency, you are almost done. You just need to go to the Land Registry and register the new acquisition in your name. You are going to pay a variable fee but finally you have that paper that credits your purchase. A record with which in the future you can repeat the transaction in reverse if you want to sell it or want to put it for rent. Except the first step with the notary, the rest you can hire the services of an agency who will take care of the rest of the steps. Obviously they will charge for their work at the corresponding rate, but you will be saved the worry about the completion of all the bureaucratic procedures. When you do not need the garage any more, or you are moving out of the city, you can always renovate the garage and rent it out as a home. See here for inspiration.

The option to share garage

In certain areas of the cities the problem of parking is really terrible and there are people willing to pay what it takes to enjoy a garage. So sometimes it is possible to share a garage for several cars, if times allow. That is, if you have bought a garage in the center, but you use it only at night, maybe you can rent it during the days and working hours to someone who works in the area. A good solution to recover money after the purchase, or to save some on maintenance and community costs. Though the ideabook is about garage doors, you would love the garages in picture.

Decorate your garage

This option is only valid for those who have purchased their individual garage. If so, they can logically do what they like. From painting it as you want or reserve a storage area, to dedicate a space for bikes or gym equipment. 

When you will see these sensational garages, your desire to have one for your car will grow fonder. How much would you pay for a garage in your city?

When you will see these sensational garages, your desire to have one for your car will grow fonder. How much would you pay for a garage in your city?
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