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Spending time in the kitchen is typically taken up by a multitude of tasks: utensils need to be picked, ingredients need chopping, measurements need to be taken… it’s a typical journey from the refrigerator to the stove to the sink, and back again. 

One element that aids numerous cooks in their daily kitchen tasks is the kitchen island. Kitchen islands are a great way to add work surface, storage options, and dining space. They are practical, available in a wide variety of designs and styles, and are also on the top of many kitchen renovators’ lists. An island is also usually the place where we place our groceries before unpacking everything where they need to be. Why on earth would you not want to have one?

But just remember that even though your kitchen island is a stand-alone element, it does need to fit in with its surroundings. On that note, let’s view 9 hot options when it comes to picking out a sensational kitchen island for your culinary space.

Stunning in stone

Those who want their kitchen island to be the main star in the culinary corner need look no further. This sensational example presents the usual flat working surface, but with a decidedly extraordinary appearance. 

Genuine natural stone makes this model the eye-catcher of any kitchen, with no less than 17cm of thick limestone to boast about. Add to that a 1.60m long sink milled out of the natural stone, as well as a generous dose of stainless steel for the body, and we have an exceptional beauty that can fit equally well into an eclectic or rustic-style environment. 

In addition, it also offers the usual storage space that we have come to expect from the kitchen island, making this island a practical and gorgeous consideration.

Lit up in style

From one natural material to another, we now move on to wood for our second option. There is something decidedly outstanding about raw materials, and this model proves its uniqueness. The solid wood shows off its striking caramel tones, playing uniquely with the pristine whiteness of the island’s body. 

And to further enhance this stunning effect, coloured lights are added to the model. A cool bluish glow illuminates the floor and stools, radiating otherworldly from below the counter surface. What was a beautiful rustic island has now received a striking otherworldly effect that makes this model the ultimate centrepiece (and possible conversation starter) of the kitchen.

Classically chic

No kitchen island list could be considered complete without a classic model, and this example was certainly worth the wait. But don’t think that this classic beauty belongs in the old and boring category. 

This model shows off some stunning refinements, and it is only during second glances that these become apparent. A silver lining was added to the base, which is reflected in the slim, curvy handles protruding from the drawers. Along with the silver, we have a pristine white hue that makes up the colour palette of the body. 

And who could overlook that stunning black counter surface? This presents more than sufficient space for any meal preparation, as well as an elegant hob. With this combination of colours, this model will never go out of style, as black and white will always be considered hot!

A cool workspace

Patinated Silver Metallic Finish Roundhouse KitchenCabinets & shelves Metallic/Silver

Patinated Silver Metallic Finish


For the cook who wants his workspace to stand out from the rest, this choice is definitely worthy of consideration. A crisp white marble top ensures a look that is always immaculate. But add that to the silver and metallic body, and you have an eye-catcher of an island. 

The stunning combination of white and greys make up a gorgeous colour collection, which is sure to enhance any additional decor shades added to it. 

This striking creation by the professionals over at Roundhouse Kitchen Manufacturers will fit equally perfect into a modern and industrial-style kitchen. The only thing you need to be concerned about is making sure your culinary creations are in league with this model’s level of quality.

For artistic expression

Turn any meal preparation into a form of art with this prominent model. This kitchen island combines its stylish design with all sorts of useful extras. That narrow worktop boasts a sleek and slim coat of marble, with its dark hues forming an unusual contrast to the taupe body. 

With its narrow design, it is quite hard to imagine that both a hob and sink are integrated into this kitchen island. And yet they are! 

A niche in the front area ensures adequate legroom for the kids doing homework or friends keeping the cook company. On the other end we have open shelves in a creamy tone, perfect for showing off those French cookbook collections or immaculate cooking utensils.

Dark and daring

Modern takes a bold turn with this imposing model. Where other kitchen islands love showing off their light and airy colours, this beauty decided to go for a more courageous look. The sink and tap are the only elements breaking through the dark surface with their light gleam of stainless steel.

As the kitchen cabinets were designed in the same vein, this kitchen creates a very compact impression. It is unapologetically stylish, and quite straightforward in its layout. It has a unique approach to the modern design, presents ample space for working, and achieves its arresting effect stunningly. 

For those who wish to add a bit of colour and décor, any additional hues (especially warm reds and oranges) will look simply striking on that dark surface.

A simple beauty

As this example proves, a kitchen island can still be charming and pleasant without providing any big surprises or unusual ideas. This model’s colours are clean and quiet, fitting nicely into the rest of the kitchen. 

To work with the limited size of the room, the island’s size is small enough to provide adequate walking space around it, yet big enough to function as a desk or meal display area. And since the counter extends beyond the body, sufficient legroom is provided for the sitter – or floor space for Fluffy and/or Kitty’s bed and bowl.

A family-friendly island, indeed.

Craving some colour

Who says you can’t go bright and colourful in the kitchen? True, chances are quite good that you might grow tired of a particular colour, and replacing a wall colour is quicker and cheaper than exchanging your kitchen island and cabinets - yet when the colour works, it works marvellously! 

In order not to appear too busy, handle-less drawers and cupboards were decided upon. This renders the kitchen with a sleek and stylish look. And since the surface area is in a simple charcoal grey, any body colour will blend in wonderfully (if yellow is not your first choice).

The natural look

We close off our list with a model that is seemingly quiet and laid-back, yet certainly holds up its end in terms of stylishness. The kitchen cabinets flaunt a delicious dark wood, giving it a luxurious look. What is noteworthy is the pattern of the wood, alternating between light and dark and adding a remarkable effect to the entire kitchen. 

In order to stop the kitchen from looking too overwhelming, a pristine white was chosen for the island and counters’ top surfaces. Add another small display/working area on top of the island, in the same dark brown as the body, and you have a unique kitchen island which will definitely make your friends do a double take. 

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