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How to integrate the bathroom in the bedroom?

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Hotel EME in Seville, Spain Donaire Arquitectos Eclectic style bedroom
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Although today it seems so everyday, the bedrooms with an en-suite bathroom was a luxury worthy of the best hotels until a few decades ago. Things have changed a lot and nowadays it is difficult to find a new home in which the master bedroom does not have direct access to the bathroom. In fact, it is not only about large and lavish houses, even in the smallest of houses the bathroom in the bedroom can be an ideal solution for space problems. 

While there are so many styles and options to incorporate the bathroom in the bedroom: glass walls, sliding doors, low walls, a watertight space, this article with full design examples to know how to integrate in a practical, original and functional way the bathroom in the bedroom, that will offer you perfect space utilization.

A glass wall can create bathroom in the room

One of the most luxurious trends in integrated bathrooms are glass cubes, in which the bathroom is isolated physically, but not visually. An intermediate and more affordable option for this is what we can see in this picture. The shower area is insulated with a glass partition, as is the toilet area, which is closed with a translucent sliding glass door, while the area of the toilets is open to the bedroom.

A wall that shares headboard and bathroom

One of the options that has caught our attention is that of this large bedroom, where a half wall has been used to separate the two rooms. On one hand, the wall serves as headboard of the bed, on the other, it gives the necessary privacy of a full bathroom. Since the bathroom is not enclosed behind a wall, the natural light from the bedroom keeps the bathroom too illuminated and fresh. Here are 7 bathroom renovations that will wow you.

Can you make bathroom in a room with the shower having direct access to the dressing room ?

This bathroom is integrated into the room in a surprising way. The space for the shower is between the bathroom and the dressing room, which separates the two areas without transitions, with the help of a sliding glass screen, and the rest of the bathroom, which can also be accessed directly through another door. See these 9 sensational showers for your bathroom.

The pavement marks the space to make a bathroom in a bedroom

In this house there is no separation between bedroom and bathroom. The door has been removed and although the space is shared between both rooms, the separation is marked through the use of the pavement. From the parquet used in the bed area, it is passed to a great hydraulic tile floor in the bathroom.

A secret door to integrate bathroom in bedroom

The bathroom is located here in a watertight space but the originality lies in the access to it: through a shelf that is actually a camouflaged door that leads to the bathroom. An amazing proposal worthy of the best spy movies. See 10 great ways to make a small bedroom look bigger.

A bathroom inside the bedroom

Hotel EME in Seville, Spain Donaire Arquitectos Eclectic style bedroom
Donaire Arquitectos

Hotel EME in Seville, Spain

Donaire Arquitectos

As we said in the introduction, hotels are the first places in which the bathroom was incorporated into the bedroom and for this reason they are still, in a way, the most innovative when it comes to integrating them. In this example we find a large room in which the columns mark the different use of the suite: living room, bedroom and bathroom. Here are 8 ideas for a stunning small bathroom.

A bathroom in two parts

In this room the bathtub and the toilet remain inside the actual bathroom, located in a closed space with a door, while the sink is integrated into the bedroom in a decorative manner. There is no clear partition to separate the bathroom area from bedroom, the change in floor and tiles helps to achieve a visual separation. Here are 10 enviable bathroom floor ideas that you will love.

How do you wish to integrate bathroom in your bedroom?

Here are 10 enviable bathroom floor ideas that you will love.How do you wish to integrate bathroom in your bedroom?
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