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Lili Wood, AMBA AMBA Modern houses
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When it comes to getting your own house there are millions of details that demand your attention and, one of them, is deciding how you want the roof. Opting for a flat roof has certain advantages to take into account when choosing. Among them is the possibility of creating certain spaces such as garden, terrace and even pool, a very seductive idea, especially to make the most of it in the summer season.

In general, those who bet flat roof construction need to have some time at hand, and to start a project like this requires the advice of an expert. Modernity, straight lines and geometric volumes usually define these spaces, so in this ideabook we have 20 flat roofed houses and their details, that we have selected for you. Ready to know all the details?

1. A house of the future with a flat roof

Minimalist in style, our first stop is in this simple-looking house sitting on a large rectangular block. The main element opens onto a large modern space that offers stunning views of the wooden terrace and pool, a luxury for any family.

2. Light inclined roof

Rainfall in the area is one of the factors that influences the choice of the roof of our home. In this case a slight inclination is able to handle the rainfall, a detail that does not diminish the splendor of this spacious house with few rooms and a cozy interiors. All the rooms have a direct access from outside, which makes it splendid and unique.

3. An impressive wooden house

With a flat roof and a warm aspect, we find this impressive wooden house that translates the meaning of 'home warmth' literally, thanks to the use of wood in the façade. The panoramic view from the garden confirms that it is a very successful space to enjoy in the company of family and friends.

4. The modern home with flat roof

Lili Wood, AMBA AMBA Modern houses

From outside a white cube that looks pretty modest, and inside, a simple but bright home divided into two floors that accommodates comfortable and cozy furniture. As in the previous cases, we are facing a construction that offers a solution with a flat roof, which is very comfortable for its owners.

5. Combinations that will make you fall in love: white and wood

There are combinations that simply work perfectly and that is precisely what happens in this house that plays with white and wood. Wood appears both outside and inside the building and is the perfect counterpoint to the white that bathes the house. The terrace is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding values of this construction whose contemplation translates space lightness and a curious serenity.

6. A unique contemporary house

With an area of 250 square meters this house could not be more spectacular. Its simple but cozy design is dotted with elegance and sophistication. Despite being a construction on a single floor, its spaces contain everything necessary to meet the demands of their owners, including perfectly lit exteriors, which are ideal for enjoying the summer nights.

7. Flat roof, also in the forest

If we used to talk about perfect combinations, why not play with different styles? This flat roof house combines modernity with rustic style in an incomparable setting. The landscape that houses the property makes its wooden design project beyond its walls, and on the terrace around the pool. The colors intermingle resulting in an aesthetically appealing appearance of the house in woods. See yet another house in the Alpines that will prove that flat roofs are perfect anywhere.

8. Extensions

Functionality and sustainability are two of the characteristics that make this house a very attractive option. Apart from its flat roof, the project has all the luxury of details to make the most of its characteristics as open and elongated space. The unique element of this house is the large glass walls that allow a spectacular natural lighting.

9. Flat roof and pool

Once again we have a perfectly planned use of wood and white color. The simplicity of the house does justice, to its comfortable and functional character. The key to get a spectacular serene view like this lies in the correct management of materials and space, a task which is best placed in the hands of a professional architect. This courtyard house of dreams will definitely make you want one like that.

10. Modernity

How about a touch of modernity combined with wood? This large two-storey bucket house is the living image of what is called a perfect combination of all elements of construction. See this Cedar House of style, for a good looking flat roofed house.

11. Cubic house

Geometric shapes are a constant in houses with flat roofs,and that solves a lot of practical purposes. This contemporary building has four bedrooms, balconies, terraces and large spaces inside what more could you ask for?

12. Minimalist house

Minimalism sneaks into our review of flat roofed houses to present this design whose clean lines and light tones look elegant and beautiful. Use of light color on the facade is something that one can never go wrong with, and flat roof eliminates the use of any other color to highlight the roof. See this dream house for the suburbs, covered by a flat roof.

13. House for a contemporary family

A flat roof can make a very interesting elevation of a house, look at this picture to reinforce this belief. Its cascading structure gives this house a personality and originality, in addition to favoring the entry of natural light in all interior spaces.

14. More contemporary examples

First and foremost, this flat roof house offers so much privacy from the front, that it is difficult to imagine that its openings in the back serve to give way to a successful natural lighting. Its cubic shape returns to star in a contemporary design with the stamp of some good professionals of architecture .

15. A modern home

Devoid of any overpowering accessory, this modern yet simple white colored house with flat roofs transforms the view into a minimalist serenity. Its simple and refreshing aesthetics do reflect some Mediterranean influence on the designers, which makes this look all the more beautiful.

16. A flirty flat roof house

Far from what it may seem, flat roofs are not exclusive property of newly created homes. Here we find a house from the 60's that has been remodeled into a modern house full of personality.

17. A swimming pool on the roof

As we mentioned at the beginning of this book of ideas, one of the advantages offered by flat roof constructions is the possibility of taking advantage of these spaces to create spaces for leisure and enjoyment. That is what they have done in this house by placing a swimming pool on the roof and thus moving the social spaces to the upper area of the house.

18. Charming house

Again cubic volumes, white walls and spaces that connect with the outside thanks to large windows, a modern aesthetic that plays with the combination of materials to result in a charming construction.

19. A contemporary house

Despite the scarcity of its windows in the main façade, thus guaranteeing the privacy of its inhabitants, this house attracts attention. Why? Perhaps it is because of its geometric volumes or, simply for the anthracite finish, a detail that give it a unique personality. See this low in energy consumption but high in style house that sports flat roof.

20. Flat roof in a house with a lot of class

We go to Germany for the last flat roof house appearing in brick and retro aesthetics, a sober but attractive construction of volumes with flat roofs. 

Which of these flat roofed house inspired you the most?

Which of these flat roofed house inspired you the most?

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