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Remove corridors and partitions to transform your house

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The corridors as we call them, go long back in history. Narrow walking spaces that guide your from the entrance to a room, and from one room to another. However with the reduced sizes and compactness of the houses, it makes sense to pull out the partitions and use the space in a more effective and multi functional way. Today there are so many other ways to distribute the space that previously languished in the long, dark and narrow corridors of old houses. 

The reforms carried out today seek to create large multi functional spaces that intercommunicate with each other without transitions, like the house in this ideabook, that we are going to see today. Reformed by the M2 Arquitectura studio  , this apartment in Barcelona was too long and it seemed impossible to do without the corridor to connect the areas. The solution was the creation of a long gray piece of furniture that covers a large part of the floor, becoming the fundamental piece of the project. Want to see how?

Before: the old, long and boring corridor

Not even painting the walls bright yellow, placing bright printed curtains or lights could save this corridor that ran through the house from end to end and used up a few square meters that could have added to the house space. Moreover, it was a dark space, where sunlight would barely reach. The transformation was desired and inevitable. From antiquated to ageless, see this home transformation.

Now: The gray piece

The project proposed to clearly separate the area place the large gray piece of furniture that we see in the photograph in the center. Its front is a practical and original bottle storage that goes through the kitchen to become a container, and a cabinet. The access doors to the bathroom and the secondary bedroom also start from this spectacular gray element, which goes up to the main bedroom, at the back of the house.

In this way, the corridor that we saw in the previous picture is transformed into an open space that still acts as a partition, but that has lost that stale and boring look, it had before.

Before: the living room hallway

A small area made up this old room. Apart from the dark corridor problem, this house had an old and deteriorated appearance, where the windows needed better insulation, the pavement was outdated and the coatings were in poor condition. The project aimed at a complete renovation of this room.

Now: flats of houses without corridors make a bright living room

After pulling out the partition, we discovered that the living room is no longer the small room that we saw in the previous picture. Getting rid of the corridor, it has become a large room, with an open concept that includes different areas: living room, dining room, and an open kitchen to hallway.

On one hand, those elements that were deteriorated or outdated, such as the pavement, have been modified. Now the floor of the whole house, with the exception of the bathroom, is solid wood. On the other hand, the ceiling sports its old wooden beams, where with their rustic appearance collide with the modern interior that the project has proposed. A striking and pleasant contrast that makes the house appear warmer.

Before: small windows, small rooms

We peered into what was once a small room, with an old window with wooden shutters that looked inside. They must have had their charm in the old times, but they were in poor condition at that moment. In addition, the small room was not functional and did not blend with the modern and comfortable housing idea. Check out this sweetest home transformation.

Now: the night area

We enter the area at night taking a look at one of the bedrooms. Here we are again greeted with the gray piece, which has become the wardrobe in the room. It is a room with simple furniture, where the protagonist is the structural element: the brick wall plastered in white and the wooden beams.

Now: a small window in a large room

Restored and arranged, the small window creates a charming corner in the main bedroom of the apartment. In addition, the partition has been done away with, including the space of the small room, into the bedroom. See these divine transformations for these 5 dismal bedrooms.

Now: a simple bedroom

We take another look at the bedroom. From here we can see how the whole house is distributed from one facade to another. The corridor, in spite of being the visual sensation of this photograph, has been reduced, since one of its parts is actually the kitchen. With this image we also see how the gray volume is introduced into the bedroom, dividing it into two parts, an area that would correspond to the dressing room and another where the bed is located. Here, as it happened in the other bedroom, the beauty of the space plays down the simple furniture.

Before: An ugly looking bathroom

The saying goes: a picture is worth a thousand words and in this case, the picture tells everything. The sanitary fittings were old and worn out, the tiles and pavements were broken giving the bathroom a very shabby and unhygienic appearance. See here for a chic transformation of a dated bathroom.

Now: a modern and stylish bathroom

What we have now is a modern bathroom, where a geometric stoneware in gray tones gives a sophisticated and clean appearance. New toilets, new distribution and a large mirror that amplifies the space.

Here is a refreshing makeover of a dreary apartment. Are you looking for a reformed house that reflects modernity and style?

Here is a refreshing makeover of a dreary apartment. Are you looking for a reformed house that reflects modernity and style?
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