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Chalet Gstaad Ardesia Design Rustic style bedroom
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The bedroom is the room of our dreams (literally). Although most of the time that we spend in our bedroom is while sleeping, we always like to enjoy it before going to bed or after getting up. We seek a warm, comforting and welcoming atmosphere where we can relax and immerse ourselves in a deep sleep. For a bedroom to appear relaxing, there is a need to put some thought into the walls the upholstery and the furniture. There are a lot of options when it comes to covering the walls of bedroom, like wood, tile, fabric, wallpaper, paint etc. In this ideabook we have  examples of all these wall coverings, so you have a clear idea of how you want your bedroom walls to be covered.

1. Wooden bedroom walls

Chalet Gstaad Ardesia Design Rustic style bedroom
Ardesia Design

Chalet Gstaad

Ardesia Design

Wood is the warmest and the coziest of all materials, be it floor or walls. The wooden walls help to create a relaxing and warm environment. You only need to combine it with the adequate lighting, an elegant bedding and some curtains that add more privacy to the room and you will have a bedroom that you will not want to leave in any weather.

Decorating bedroom wall with wallpapers

If you like white bedding, we can use off white or beige colors on the walls and combine it with wallpapers that do not attract too much attention and dissipate the monotonic feeling of space and luminosity that white creates. In this example, the wall of the headboard has been papered in a discreet beige tone with a small ornament that complements the decoration of the whole room. See 14 simple ideas to decorate your bedroom walls.

Walls with fabric and wood

In this other house in the mountains, it is inevitable to find wood because it is the material with which it has been manufactured and it keeps the room warm, which is much needed in the mountains. Some people feel that when everything is the same material, it weighs down the space and find ideas to camouflage it. In this case, a combination of white and rust fabrics have been used to break the wood monotone, taking advantage of the slope of the roof, are lowered to cover the wall behind the bed and part of the ceiling creating an intimate and seductive room. Here are 7 ideas to make your bedroom comfortably cozy.

Bedroom wall in white exposed brick

In much more industrial environments where loft-like homes proliferate, it is very easy to find the original construction material in the different divisions of the home. What seems a defect becomes the center of attraction in terms of beauty. The brick of this house becomes the protagonist of all its rooms and adds a unique personality to the home, especially in the bedroom.

Decorative painted bedroom walls

We begin with the use of decorative painting. Today there are different types of plaster, in Florentine lands, pallets that imitates sandy effects or simply apply the chosen color by hand, using a sponge somewhat irregularly. The effect achieved is a warm and welcoming atmosphere that encourages rest and tranquility and reflects taste and uniqueness. Here are 19 ways to decorate your home walls.

Bedroom walls in stone wood and paint

In many old town houses, after a process of rehabilitation and reformation, the residents decide to keep the old stone walls that divided each of the rooms. In this room the original stone wall was retained and later a division was created by constructing a wall that was plastered and then painted in muted mauve tones. Some other wood detail completes the proposal to bring out this cozy and attractive bedroom.

Bedroom wall covered in stones

This other example shows the main wall of the bed covered with plates of small pebbles or cobblestones with a decoration that will take you a little closer to the Far East. The cushions, the bedside table and an original golden lamp that hangs from the ceiling are more than enough reasons to transport you to the thousand and one nights.

Bedroom wall tiles

Equally daring is this other proposal of gray ceramic coating. The result however is a room that appears more than elegant and projects class and distinction. The overhead lighting, strategically placed in front of the headboard, shows us where to fix our gaze so that the idea of including unusual material in the decoration of the bedroom does not go unnoticed.

Floral bedroom walls

Returning to wallpaper, in very bright rooms and using non-flashy ornamental motifs, wallpaper can give you a lot of options to play with for the wide variety of existing patterns. The floral motifs are usually the most classic and discreet and never go out of style. In fact, currently the wallpaper is trending in many decoration and interior design proposals. See 9 whimsical wallpapers that make a home decor statement.

Modern wallpapers for bedroom walls

And finally, a variant of the wallpaper that is also booming in the decoration projects. It is vinyl, an adhesive material, easy to apply and does not require maintenance. There are many reasons and designs that can leave a very original impression if you find the one that best suits your bedroom. Want to have a lot more inspiration for bedroom? Here are 55 inspiring bedroom designs to interest you.

Hope so many options have not left you confused. Which type of wall covering will you prefer for the walls of your house?

Hope so many options have not left you confused. Which type of wall covering will you prefer for the walls of your house?

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