Perfectly organized: 12 ideas for a nice and practical kitchen

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The  kitchen is the heart of every home. Here we not only cook and eat, but also meet with the whole family or friends to be together in comfort. Therefore, the perfect kitchen should not only have a beautiful design that is designed according to our personal ideas. Ideally, the kitchen also fulfills various functions, such as a generous space for cooking, some shelves and cabinets for the organization of the ingredients and food, or an additional seat to enjoy the coffee in the afternoon or a small snack. We'll show you 12 tips on how to combine a beautiful design with practical elements to create a kitchen that is made for all the activities of daily life.

1. The perfect place for cooking

Every kitchen should have a well-equipped work space for cooking. Finally, we need an area where we can place the cookbooks, ingredients, and other utensils like the blender or a chopping board. For example, in this picture, there is also an additional counter, which can be used as a preparation space and a dining table. 

2. Tips for small kitchens

If you own a small kitchen, you may need to clean up a few things after each operation to make room again. It is helpful to have a work station with a smooth surface. So you can quickly and easily remove the dirt or grease stains with just a little water, without accumulating dirt in between spaces and grooves. Here are 12 ideas for a sleek small kitchen

3. Avoid clutter

We spend many hours every day in the kitchen. No wonder that many things accumulate here that cause disorder. When you find out which things do not belong to the kitchen, or are bothering you in the kitchen, you can easily organize them in other rooms. So bills may rest in a drawer in the study and the backpacks and bags in a separate closet in the hallway.

4. Open shelves

When cooking we want to have ingredients, spices or dishes handy. Open shelves are perfectly suited for this. Because here we can see at a glance where the utensils are, without first having to open countless doors. At the same time, an open shelf can also be decorative. If you beautifully arrange beautiful glasses, plates or containers for spices, the shelf can be an eye-catcher.For the large and small utensils in the kitchen, this cabinet is the  perfect storage space . Various compartments, shelves and drawers make it easy to organize ingredients, mid-life, spices and many other things. 

5. Modern and functional

Sometimes it's the simple things that inspire us. So too with this idea, which shows us how we can get more space in our drawers and stow bulky pots or pots perfectly. A simple metal bar has been fixed to the ceiling and offers plenty of space for the most important kitchen utensils that we have at hand when cooking. Here are 12 clever hacks every kitchen needs.

6. Practical kitchen island

A kitchen island is not only beautiful, but can fulfill several functions at the same time. In our example, it serves as additional work surface and seating. It also has an integrated tray for drinks and other drawers where utensils can be stowed. Here are inspiring islands to install in your kitchen.

7. Drawers with system

A good organization is offered by drawers, which are exactly adapted to the different kitchen utensils. So you can accommodate small things such as cutlery or spice jars above the cabinet, while the lower drawers for dishes or large cans and containers used.

8. Practical and decorative: Design the kitchen wall

Not only cabinets offer us the storage space we need. Especially in small kitchens is a good idea to use the walls for more space. For example, if you place spices & Co. nicely on an open shelf, this is a fantastic decoration at the same time. If you do not have the storage space, you can even attach extra metal bars underneath that are perfect for hanging pans and pots.

9. The right place for large kitchen appliances

Appliances such as kettles, blenders or coffee makers take up the most space in the kitchen. Ideally, you have a cupboard or shelf in which they can stand and be used. In the example, even a socket was attached where all devices can be plugged. An additional sliding door is a space-saving option to stow the equipment safely and to get a tidy looking kitchen. Here are 10 more ideas for a super organized kitchen.

10. Everything in its place

Equipping the drawers with individual compartments is a good idea to get more organized. Whether small kitchen accessories such as cutlery and corkscrew or large containers for pasta, rice & accompaniments. The perfect organization succeeds best when everything has its place.

11. Storage on the wall

Use the entire wall to organize, store and decorate the good looking utensils, jars, containers to add a sparkle to you kitchen. Here is a simple guide to maximize your kitchen storage.

12. Baskets for fruits and vegetables

If you want to store fresh fruits and vegetables in drawers, you can use simple baskets that you place in the closet or that can be pulled out, as in the example. It is best to clean them from time to time to remove dirt and dirt so that your food stays fresh for a long time. Hope you liked these storage ideas, let us know which one you want to follow right away.

Hope you liked these storage ideas, let us know which one you want to follow right away.

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