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How to redesign your garden without spending all your salary!

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When the nights get shorter again and you need to reach for the coat less frequently during the day, the summer days are not far. The first days of spring ring in the warm season – and soon the summer will be back at your door. And what is more beautiful in the summer than spending long, warm summer nights in the garden, on the veranda or on the terrace with your loved ones? 

But what if, after the long winter time, you first have to arrange for outside order – and you do not really have time for it? Do not worry, because we at homify have exactly the right thing for you today. With these 16 super fast tips your own garden, your veranda or even your terrace will become your summer well-being spot after a long and hard winter. Let's have a look!

1. Permanent natural decor thanks to upcycling

If you want to save the annoying tidying and cleaning of the outdoor area, of course, you should rely on elements that look great all year round without much effort. Wood has proven to be absolutely perfect here. 

In this example, we see a great wooden wall that always looks perfect. Made from discarded woods, a great up-cycling idea that not only breathes new life into old wood, but also conjures up an original decoration cost-effectively.

2. Hard-wearing floor areas are laid quickly

The green areas suffer a lot during the cold season. Most often, everyone is busy in the spring in sowing out the lawn laboriously again. One solution is artificial turf. Artificial turf looks almost as good and costs only a fraction of the money and the effort that a real turf incurs. In no time, your outdoor area is fit for the first guests. 

Here is one backyard garden you would love to copy.

3. Use easy-to-clean primitives

Let's be honest: it does not take much except for the right planning to make our terrace a wonderful place to relax. Comfortable seating, a shade dispenser and of course the right company. Easy to clean basic elements such as the table in this example are quickly brought back to framework and are ready for the new season.

4. Natural wooden fence for privacy and great decoration

You do not always want to share with our neighbors, all what happens in our garden. For more privacy, a wooden wall is perfect. In addition, it can be quickly awakened from hibernation with only a few resources. An uncomplicated cleaning and some fresh green plants from the hardware store and it seems as if the winter never came.

5. Build your own pergola

Gazebo with intergrated garden store Garden Affairs Ltd Classic style garden Wood Wood effect
Garden Affairs Ltd

Gazebo with intergrated garden store

Garden Affairs Ltd

An idea that is simple and ingenious, right? A car in the carport is protected from most weather conditions. The same applies of course to the porch. With an individually fitted pergola it acts as a great outdoor area all year round and requires only minimal cleaning in the spring. Even the garden furniture can be conveniently stored under it and so do not have to be fetched out of the garage to open the new season.

6. Fits the pergola: light decorative curtains

Let us stay with the advantages of a pergola for some more time. A pergola is already nice to look at, but of course you can have a better one with a simple idea. This pergola, decorated with light curtains, is ready in no time, for the first spring sunshine to prepare a cozy place outdoors.

7. Flowers immediately spread a summery feeling

As soon as the nights are permanently frost-free again and you can enjoy the first rays of sun during the day, summers are officially welcome. It is the perfect time to sow new plants, re-pot flowers or even plant crops, so there is your first trip of the season to the hardware store. Nothing brings more pleasant summer mood as fresh, colorful flowers. All the more beautiful, that you can create it in a cost-effective and uncomplicated way in your own outdoor area.

8. Colored paint: breathe new life into old pieces of furniture

Granted, over the years, your garden furniture must be heavily used. Sometimes it does not take long and the upper protective layer becomes brittle and the first patchy areas are spreading. Of course, that does not look pretty. With high-quality varnish not only can the furniture be sealed again, but it also breathes fresh life. Just like in this example. It's fast and fun – try it out!

9. Rock garden instead of green space

Rock gardens have earned the reputation of being uncomplicated and aesthetically pleasing in recent years, and you will see how that is absolutely well deserved. If you do not want to do without a lush greenery in your garden, you can beautify some areas with pebbles or slates. An area less that needs to be taken care of and still great to look at.

10. Create a vertical garden

It's not just the fresh air that magically brings you outdoors in the summer. The soothing green of trees and plants fascinates everyone. Even if your garden is small, you do not have to do without a rich green – thanks to the vertical garden. 

As you can see in this example, this is a garden area that is not used horizontally but vertically. Thanks to the pots, the seedlings can be comfortably kept warm February onward, so that they can simply be hung outside in the vertical garden in the spring. It is easier, low maintenance and much cheaper! Here are 9 quick ideas to renew your garden in just one afternoon.

11. Turn old wooden planks into new raised beds

A great as well as uncomplicated measure, are small raised beds, not only for the terrace, but also to visually limit the garden. These can be wonderfully created from already existing wood planks – and are thus particularly cost-effective. In addition, they are already great to look at without planting. A good measure to bridge the time between sowing and first flowers.

12. Cool trick: the garden in the garden

Why wander into the distance when the good is still close. In our latitudes, there are many plants that have adapted to our climate in such a way that they can be left outside all year round. Heather is such a plant. Assign a hard place in the garden to some hardy plants, making this place look like a contained unique garden in side the garden. A cool trick is to use stones, to make it stand out, and visually attract everyone's attention, distracting from the rest of the garden.

13. A DIY project

Small Garden with a Very Steep Slope Yorkshire Gardens Modern Garden
Yorkshire Gardens

Small Garden with a Very Steep Slope

Yorkshire Gardens

If it is still uncomfortable outside and spring is a little far in distance, you suddenly have much more time, to refresh your garden furniture. Or how about a small DIY project? A new bench made of already existing woods or stones provides a new highlight and makes you want more.

14. For small gardens: The wood path

Modern Garden with a rustic twist Yorkshire Gardens Modern Garden
Yorkshire Gardens

Modern Garden with a rustic twist

Yorkshire Gardens

Timber planks, cut to size, can be laid quickly in the garden and are also inexpensive. A simple way to give the garden a new look. For more ideas see 8 charming garden paths on a budget.

15. Also in the garden: Lighting is the alpha and omega

What applies to the kitchen and the living room, of course, also applies to your outdoor area. Light is an indispensable design element. Especially when the sun has set and you like to sit outside until late in the summer. Then you need beautiful light. Wall sconces are quickly acquired and immerse your veranda or your terrace in a completely new atmosphere. 

16. Garden furniture with a personal touch

Even our last tip is quick to be implemented and absolutely gentle to your wallet. Great and relaxing garden furniture is of course part of every outdoor area. Be it the sun lounger or the comfortable wicker or rattan couch. With textile decor, these pieces of furniture can be upgraded once again – not just purely visually. So either the pillows taken from the living room or bought in from the local equipment store. Here are 10 beautiful seating arrangements for your garden.

If you also need more inspiration for your own garden, we have a lot more to offer. But beware: After seeing these 19 gardens, you would definitely want to transform yours too ! Are you ready?

After seeing these gardens, you would definitely want to transform yours too ! Are you ready?

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