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Orchard at home: Everything you need to know

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Having a garden at home is a great idea. It is fun, it is colorful and above all, very beneficial for the well being. Being able to plant your own food is synonymous with producing what you consume and there is no feeling more blissful than eating fresh grown organic produce, adding color and life to your home and save money. To add to this, the best thing is that you have fruits or vegetables ready for consumption at any time without leaving home.

A personal garden is possible, if you live in house or apartment, and you can even make a mini indoor garden if you do not have a balcony. There are thousands of possible options, the important thing is to know: What available space do you have and how much time do you want to dedicate to it. 

With the following tips you will get all the resources you need to create your own and very personal garden. Let´s start!

How to start your garden

The first step is to think about the place where you want to plant. It is true that the options of species that you can plant will depend on the place and the available conditions.

If you have a garden, it will be best to reserve the space that receives the most sunlight, to optimize the growth of the plants. If this space is against a wall you can consider the possibility of creating a vertical garden. Vertical gardens are very useful (and highly aesthetic) when it comes to making the most of space because you have a great place to plant but being vertically in the garden, balcony or even inside. It takes up little space because you simply transform a wall to a green wall. 

Now if we have a balcony it will be extremely important to know the sun's path in it, in this way you take 100% of the available space and you can locate the pots in the most favorable way.

Get ready for summer

One of the biggest advantages of having your own garden is to produce the fruits or vegetables that you consume the most, without doubt, will be more tasty and organic. And evenmore, the fact that you not only have them available at all times. You will be able to eat them fresh because you harvest them at the time of cooking and save money too. So, get ready! Choose your seeds and let´s start sowing.

Something extra to keep in mind: you also benefit the environment by adding a green sector in the garden or balcony. Here are 8 creative DIY garden projects, you would love.

Orchard in the garden

Vegetable garden witihn a country estate Roeder Landscape Design Ltd Country style garden
Roeder Landscape Design Ltd

Vegetable garden witihn a country estate

Roeder Landscape Design Ltd

If you are going to build your own orchard, the most important thing is to establish the place where it will go based on the amount of sunlight. The more the sunlight the better.  It is also important to plan your garden where you do not have trees. These large greens, in addition to blocking sunlight, consume many nutrients from the soil, leaving your orchard under nourished.

If you have a large horizontal space it will be best to divide them in sectors. Remember that some species benefit from others when sharing soil and makes their growth and development more productive, and there are some others, which better be separated, since many times It can attract unwanted pests more easily or consume many nutrients that the next one needs.

In the yard also you can have an edible garden

The patio, that space that does not become a garden but is larger than a balcony, can provide you with many facilities when it comes to building an orchard at home. While most courtyards do not have grass and you must resort to pots, they have more space than a balcony and are more useful because you can use larger pots and plant small trees and even plant vegetables that require several square meters to grow. The point is to know the amount of lighting required by each plant you want to grow and to make sure that the planters have an adequate drainage system. See 5 ways for a perfectly planted container garden.

Orchard on the balcony with the right seeds

If we live in an apartment with a balcony, having a garden is perfectly possible. It is necessary to see what kind of light you receive. If the floor of your balcony receives a lot of sunlight, you can take advantage of it and create your the garden in pots, more than enough reason to fill the balcony with life.

However, if the sun arrives more horizontally and gives the walls the best thing is to create our garden on the wall, hanging pots or panels or locate pots of height so we take advantage of each ray of sun. In any case we must ensure that the pots or the vertical garden has good drainage as there are some species of plants that do not resist so much moisture in their roots and will perish soon. The vertical gardens of Mundo Garden are ideal for small spaces, they come in wood color so that we can create the most beautiful and personal flower pots. See how to create your own vertical garden.

And the kitchen?

If you do not have an outdoor space, it is possible to sow indoors, either in the form of a vertical garden or in pots. Not having outside space is the best excuse to fill the kitchen with green and fresh aromatic plants and spices ready to be brought to the table at any time.

Plants such as mint, oregano, basil, parsley or rosemary are ideal species to have in the kitchen. Having basil, parsley or mint plants in your kitchen will give you fresher and more genuine flavors when it comes to cooking. A point in favor of having little space is that you can use creativity and personality using cups as pots. You can paint them to create a unique style and recycle some kitchen stuff you do not use anymore. Here are 10 perfect plants to add magic to your home.

Do you have a garden? Tell us how you created it!

Do you have a garden? Tell us how you created it!
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