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12 Things to do in 2018

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Now that the new year rage, and new year resolutions would have faded off, it is time to start thinking more deeply about what you need to repeat in 2018. Many people also associate the beginning of a new phase of life with the new year,  which they want to start with good intentions. 

We'll show you today absolutely doable ideas that we have for the coming year, to make your year worthwhile and full of love and happiness, and introduce you to 12 things you should definitely do (or do again) in 2018.

1. Spend more time with your loved ones

In the hustle bustle of the last weeks before Christmas and new year parties that lasted almost a month, you did not have so much time for family and friends. That should change in 2018 urgently! After all, we can best fill up with energy when we spend time with those we love. So be sure to be the first to see family and friends more often in 2018!

2. Cook more often

When you come home in the evening after work, you are often too busy to cook big. That's why very few people today even resort to a wooden spoon. Instead, they prefer to use the delivery service. That can be fine occasionally, but the personal taste, the joy of cuisine is completely lost. So take care to cook more often in 2018. Just set certain days of the week that you're sure to have a little time for cooking a nutritious meal – you'll love it!

3. Save

In addition, you should take 2018 as a good opportunity to start saving. In the household, there are a lot of calcified pipes, broken sockets to yellowed walls, which would have to be overhauled again. If you save a little here and there, you can definitely reinvest a lot in your home and make it a whole lot better.

4. Attacking fallow projects

Sometimes there are also rooms or corners in your own home that have never been completely finished. How about tackling these fallow projects in 2018?

5. Spring cleaning

Many people will eventually struggle to do it, but we would like to emphasize this point again: the spring cleaning! If the weather is better, cleaning is much more fun, right? And once the house is reorganized, you feel re-energized too. Here are 7 time saving tricks to keep your house spotlessly clean.

6. Take care of the green patch too

When the first rays of sun show, working in the garden or on the terrace is much more fun. A green patch in your home is the best place to relax in summers. So why not create one? Here are 35 simple yet charming garden designs for your home.

7. Relax and pay more attention to yourself

Of course, you should also think of yourselves too in 2018. Take more time for yourself in the coming year, take a relaxing bath whenever you can, workout, run, jog and enjoy wellness moments for yourself.

8. Plan an unforgettable vacation

Right at the beginning of the year, you should take a day to start your holiday planning. Because there is nothing better than to look forward to an unforgettable holiday a few weeks or months in advance.

9. Reshape certain rooms

A new year, a new chapter! How about remodeling the bedroom?  A little change goes a long way in terms of recreating a new atmosphere in the bedroom. Here, almost all the colors look good and ensure a good mood. Here are 11 decor ideas for a blissful bathroom.

10. Read more

That's what many people plan to do and most of them do not pull it off: read more! Just try to find some books, magazines or novels that are of burning interest to you. Once you get into the habit of reading, your mind is always occupied and you are never alone. If it helps, dedicate an area in your house for study, and it shall keep you hooked on!

11. A new style

At the beginning of the year, most hairdressers are booked out – and for a good reason! There is no better occasion and time than right now for getting a new look.

12. Positive energies

And finally, spread positivity all through 218. So make sure that you only take positive energies all tgrough the new year. Trying to resolve conflicts, openly address problems and look optimistically into the next few months – that will definitely have a positive impact on your entire everyday life! Here is some help from Feng Shui for attracting positive energies in your home.

Which of these points do you plan to check off your list for 2018?

Which of these points do you plan to check off your list for 2018?
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