10 Quick and easy budget decoration ideas for your house

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Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: the three R´s. 

In homify we think that these three actions are the pilars of sustainability and responsible consumption and at the same time, they are the key for intelligent decoration. 

We need to realize that the decoration of our homes is what makes us feel comfortable. But if the decoration we want to do depends exclusively on whether we have money or not, it will surely make us unhappy. Feeling comfortable in the place where we live is paramount, with or without money and with ingenuity and desire it is possible to decorate the house without spending even a single dollar.  

In this ideabook we give you several ideas to achieve it. Let´s start!

1. Indoor gardens

Natural plants and flowers are a fundamental part of a house with good energy. They brighten the environment and decorate the place with a natural beauty and charm. Having indoor gardens is not going to cost you more than remembering to give them water from time to time. You will not regret the spectacular result. 

For more, check this 25 amazing ideas to decorate your small garden.

2. With new eyes

Who does not keep old things that we think are no longer good for anything, but we still like to store them, uselessly, occupying space in the closets and warehouses? Well, it's time to plan a full day of cleaning and take advantage to start seeing everything with new eyes.

You will be surprised to realize that you have a plethora of things that can be reused and will give a new style to your house without spending money.

3. Decorating with books and magazines

There is no need to buy objects or new elements of decoration, when you can take some of those good looking books from the library and sport them at the coffee table, so that they are not only more available to browse, but to decorate a corner or that empty space that you did not know what to fill with.

The living room and bedrooms are good places to place books and have them well at hand. A good idea is to create harmony between the covers of the books and other decorative elements of the space, such as flowers or the furniture.

4. Become the artist of your own home

It is not necessary to be a great painter to create a good painting. As in this proposal, you can transform a simple wooden board into a beautiful piece of decoration. You can also frame photos or play with the plants and hang them in jars and unconventional places. If you browse our site you will find a lot of ideas. You can find some here .

5. Redistribute the furniture

The best way to make your house look new and fresh is to change all the furniture in place! Until, if it pleases you, you can change the entire environments so that your bedroom goes where the children's bedroom was before.

6. Mirror Mirror

CASA RIVIERA , TP618 TP618 Walls Sandstone Green

A mirror, in addition to being a beautiful decorating element, fulfills the function of visually expanding the space. You can even plan to assemble a unique frame and decorate it to your liking. Here are 24 budget friendly decor ideas for your home.

7. Recycling antique furniture

Recover that old grandma's little coffee table, giving it a new patina or using the decoupage technique. You will have a new piece of furniture and you will have fun! Here are 9 spectacular ideas to decorate your living room.

8. The kids and their new refuge

Kids love small enclosed spaces. You can create one with old sheets, unused curtains or a piece of fabric forgotten in the back of the closet. You can let the imagination fly and put the kids in a tent like this one. Not only you will winn war against  the many hours in front of the TV, smartphone or tablet, you will also become the queen of the moms for them.

9. The freshness of the modern kitchen

Another idea is to fill the kitchen with some aromatics plants. You only need some wooden cuts and pretty jars like in this picture to create a whole new wall full of life right inside your kitchen. You can even plant your favorite herbs, those you love to use while cooking. 

Here are more ways to decorate your kitchen walls.

10. Recover those old pieces of wood

And create yourself a small table of support like the one in this image. You will be proud of your creation and for all the compliments you will get!

Do you have any low cost idea to decorate the house in a fresh way? Let us know too!

Do you have any low cost idea to decorate the house in a fresh way? Let us know too!

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