A home on narrow ground, ready in just 5 months! | homify A home on narrow ground, ready in just 5 months!

A home on narrow ground, ready in just 5 months!

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When we imagine a house being constructed, we imagine construction right from the scratch, the traditional construction with blocks, concrete or bricks. However, today there are robust, cheap, and fast alternatives that are trending: prefabricated houses. This easy prefab house solution allows you to choose one among the various models of houses available, having only to look for a plot, as the builders take care of the rest. Here is what you need to know about prefab houses!

It is important, first of all, to determine the prices and what they include – conditioning of the ground, interior finishing, painting and other details.  Let's get to know from a couple with a limited budget, who got this prefab house constructed on a narrow piece of land.

The front of the house

The house was built for only $ 35.213. Its total dimensions are 12.5 x 7.5 x 3.5 m / 70 m² pertaining to length, height, width and area, respectively. If you are surprised at the small size of this house, see this wee little prefab home you will fall in love with.

In the picture, we see the front of the house – and who would say that it is a prefabricated?  With a generous window letting in natural light in abundance. The young couple never thought to opt for a method of construction that was not masonry. However, after talking with the AP Arquitectura Studio and taking into account the arguments presented, and most importantly considering the short term in getting ready, they decided to invest in the idea. In addition to being a different system, the couple was seduced by the project of an airy and modern loft.

High, airy and modern space

This prefabricated house is only 70 m², but offers a lot of comfort. The great highlight goes to the living room integrated with the kitchen and high ceiling to create openness and freshness in the atmosphere. If you are planning to move, see these 8 prefab houses to set up home in a jiffy.

Compact house

The house doesn't miss anything on account of being prefabricated. It integrates nine divisions which are very well distributed. They are the office, the bathroom, the utility room, the laundry room, the kitchen and living room on the ground floor and the two upstairs suites. This image shows the front door of the house. The long corridor, which culminates in the living room and kitchen, serves as a gateway to the other outbuildings of the house.

View from the upper floor

From the upper floor, one can see the entrance, the living room and the staircase. Under it, a piece of furniture was placed with the television to take advantage of the dead space. The decor is simple and includes modern furnishings to suit the taste of the owners, which in this case are a young couple. If you like this house, let us take you to another tour of a low cost prefab home.

House of galvanized steel: lightness and stability in the assembly

The construction made by the Light Steel Framing system is performed dry, the whole composition being a lightweight galvanized steel base that forms a structural skeleton. In this type of construction, conventional materials such as brick and concrete are not used. The structure is complemented by outer and inner plate coatings, thermo-acoustic insulation and linings. Contrary to what one might think, this system is very sturdy, as well as being a more environmentally friendly option, since the prior manufacture of the construction material reduces waste.

Lightweight structure and new materials

In addition to the lightweight steel frame, with OSB home boards, the exterior finish took cement plates and the interior featured planked gypsum boards. One of the advantages of Light Steel Frame is the speed of construction. The house took only five months to get ready. Another point in favor of this type of construction is the reduction of waste since the materials were projects of the exact size of the structure. You must be feeling super inspired to get a prefab house of your own, here are 7 tips you need to know before buying yours

Small, but with everything a young couple needs. Did you like this idea of prefabricated house?

Small, but with everything a young couple needs. Did you like this idea of prefabricated house?
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